Sicariusโ€™ Field Guide to the Beanie Levels.

What are they?
The Beanie Levels are achievement levels attained by an unknown points system; every time you reach a certain combination of invisible points, you level up. They serve no other purpose other than entertainment and fun, and also to be the bane of the existence of yours truly. Ahem.
They are named after and for various and often significant dramaland tropes, roles, items or character descriptions, often referencing a specific drama (e.g. The Goblinโ€™s Underpants), or have a single drama in mind, but are applicable to much more.

I am in the process of compiling a comprehensive glossary of all known levels, a brief description of what said level is, and any key dramas that this level either occurs in or comes from in a google doc hither:
(@loisom, you will find a definition of Water Maid here. Apologies for the mess below level 8; I havenโ€™t touched this since January and itโ€™s an ongoing project.)

How do they work?
*retreats to a corner and screams*
Iโ€™m sorry, itโ€™s just that, we donโ€™t really know. At least not the details.
The invisible points system (if it even is a points system) which determines when and how you level up is mostly unknown in its workings and minions are sworn to secrecy.
However I can tell you 7 things.

1. Any and all activity on Dramabeans does contribute in some capacity to levelling up.
Upvotes, comments, followers, rate of posting, how often you come on, and (probably) word count.
2. But specifically (through much research, tears and testing) activity on recaps, articles and news threads. Especially at higher levels, this seems to be the most important contributor.
3. For DB staff and minions, the number of articles they publish and activity on said articles contributes to levelling up. This also seems to be โ€œworthโ€ more in the invisible system.
4. The higher the level, the harder it is to achieve it. The lower levels are much easier and quicker to attain, and often only need a certain number of likes or followers. The higher the level, currently the vaguer the requirements and the much longer time needed.
5. Errand Boy is known to be one of the hardest levels to pass. (Hwaiting Errand Boys!)
6. Sometimes none of the above appears to be true.
7. The highest level currently achieved,
By a minion or staff member: Mystical Brain Fetus
By a beanie: Contract Girlfriend

Overall, the more active you are everywhere, and the more regular this activity is, the more likely you are to level up.

If you would like to contribute to the Great Beanie Level Algorithm Cause, you can make a note of your statistics and the date whenever you level up and tag me.

And, if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thatโ€™s all for now. ๐Ÿ™‚
(Disclaimer: I am not a Dramabeans Minion. This is not an official article by the State of Dramabeans. This is a Melonia Fan Project; I am simply obsessed with numbers and archiving, and have done all this research out of sheer curiosity and to provide beanies with useful information. One day, I will crack the Level Up Algorithm.)