Gogh the Starry Night or whatever it’s called mini review for @siamehta
The editing was kinda weird and jerky in places but I guess that’s what happens in web dramas.
Her hoobae was annoying wtf if she doesn’t want to sleep with you leave her alone gerrr I’ll fight you you little slime ball. Actually several of her harem were just questionable af and wouldn’t leave her alone poor thing. Kang Tae Ho, albeit through questionable means at times (which I just found funny cos he’s so tall and awkward hehe), 1) never sexually harassed a female worker b) looked after her c) was so frakking adorable when he got shy awww. It was cute and funny and the slow burn was great and authentic and the confession scene was top notch and I can just picture those two bickering their way through life together in the best possible way. Only thing I wish is that it had also tied up her fear of being left again. Otherwise it was just the kind of cute lite fuzzy thing I needed to watch.


    jeej! i agree with all you said, i just loved the bickering between the OTP and also the emotional beat, he always looked after her even when he yelled at her, i really loved KYK in this, what i also loved is that you can’t always rate everyone by what you see, there is more beneath the surface πŸ™‚ am superhappy that it was exactly what you needed! i also needed a cute lite fuzzy thing when i watched it and was glad that it didn’t have too much side drama πŸ™‚


      I also really liked how you could tell from the start he was the one she always went to about stuff even if she didn’t realise she was doing it. I liked their relationship set up, it was done well, for such a short thing, like take notes pls full length dramas.
      Ooooh yes I liked the little thing with the stars at the end going through everyone showing how they have different sides!! I still would’ve rated the hoobae lower but that’s just me haha.
      And there was less of her bff in the second half which was a shame cos she was great but yeah, I enjoyed it for what it was. Hahaha yeah well now I’m like ‘are there anymore short cute webdramas to watch I don’t feel like SP rn…’ πŸ˜›


        i know right! there are full length drama’s that drop the ball so often with setup and/or progression due to probably having way too much screen time and not enough writing material! i honestly wish there were more of these type of cute webdrama’s done well cause i don’t always feel like watching a full length romantic series


          Sorry I didn’t reply to this last night.
          Oh absolutely! I don’t know what they focus on but it’s often not the romance writing. The drama writing perhaps? haha
          Saaaaaame! Lol my tastes are getting shorter and shorter… I don’t think I could handle watching an American or British show over 3 seasons at this point… but web dramas, yes please!


            no worries, i know you are a kiwi so time difference … (plus i’m almost off to bed actually lol) ,
            yes they focus more on drama most of the time, i miss well-written cute light shows (or something like healer), i am not alwyas in the mood for thrillers/mystery,

            i still watch some american/british shows, major scifi fan where my craving can only be satisfied with english-spoken shows apparently, besides the scif, sometimes you just have really well)written shows (the americans <3) but i watch less and less in english honestly and more in korean/chinese/sometimes japanese, i like the format more πŸ™‚

            more webdrama's are being released it seems so am really looking forward to catching up when my want to watch cutesy-light stuff starts πŸ™‚


          Hahaha such is the case …. if you don’t get this before you go to bed, good morning? haha
          To be honest, my preferred genre overall is actually probably thriller or action, but I find them harder to do well, and right now I’m in the opposite mood haha.

          I haven’t watched any English shows in over a year… I got fed up with all the ones I WAS watching, and how they drag out stories over so many seasons and suck the story and characters dry and yet keep getting renewed and renewed and renewed and ones I did like were cancelled, or ruined with horrible writing, and oh my gosh the dialogue is so stinted and cringey and some of them change writers in the middle of seasons or have a different writer every episode… and I just couldn’t stand it. Plus for some reason I like picking apart the Kdramas that aren’t perfect, but the American shows I were watching just drove me up the wall… hahaha plus I really like Korea’s approach to romance. It can be very beautifully understated and they make a big deal out of the smallest things, which I like, rather than the protagonist sleeping with three different people in one season… -.-

          Yass! That’s good to hear, me too!


            gooood morning! (goood evening for you?!) πŸ™‚
            thriller and action rarely work well in a multi-season format or atleast with english shows, i totally understand, the multi-season ones drag out so much more that i get fed up with it a lot, i’ve become pretty ruthless with dropping them aswell, the thing with picking apart american shows is that they tend to run so bloody long so it get smore tedious, kdramas are one season long, you know there is an end at one point thus the picking apart gets much more fun plus i have realized i become more lenient with imperfections in kdrama’s than american shows,
            lol, πŸ™‚ romance in kdrama’s remind me of the olden love stories (jane austen, romeo and juliet, hallmark original movies) which is why it appeals to me as much, the noble idiocy, the buildup to THE kiss, love shown in all different ways but ultimately it’s about caring for each other, i love it way more than the “i just met you but let’s sleep together” (even though nowadays that’s more realistic), i am an eternal romantic at heart, that’s also why KYK in starry night appealed to me so much, he cared, which is more you can say about some protagonists in american shows πŸ™‚

            i have to mention this just cause you like action/thriller, i can really suggest the americans, it’s a spy thriller during the cold war, and what i absolutely love is the psychological depth they put in, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty close, plus short seasons (max 13episodes) and it’s ending next year which is good cause otherwise they would have dragged it, i will probably rewatch it with the final season but honestly, it’s one of the few american shows i look forward to every year:)


          Evening indeed! Haha

          That’s so true. Yes. All of that.
          The Blacklist, Castle, Blue Bloods, WOULD BE FAR better if they were less seasons. The Blacklist should’ve just been one tbh.
          Actually, I want to write a crime comedy show one day, and I’m capping it at 3 seasons, and only 16 ish episodes a season, and a single story line per season, total time covered in the show maybe 3 years, because I like the format of Kdramas that they tell one story fleshed out- they don’t always do it well, but when they do it’s great, and you get more juicy bits than a movie, and more time for character development, and as you say, there’s an end at some point. The kdrama format has it’s flaws, but I still prefer it over THIRTEEN SEASONS OF SUPERNATURAL WHY
          On the imperfections- funnily enough- so have I. I wonder if it’s a cultural thing. Not being either American or Korean, guess I just prefer Korean culture? Maybe.

          Pfft realistic yes, but extremely unhealthy and it’s a big part of why I hate the current World Sex Cutlure (I’d say it’s Western but it’s not just the “west” as it were) So it’s nice to see a genre of TV show that doesn’t follow the pattern of the world as much for once.
          Guess that just makes me a semi- conservative traditionalist at heart when it comes to romance, and I’m ok with that. (Now I want to go re read Pride and Prejudice haha)
          “ultimately it’s about caring for each other” “that’s also why KYK in starry night appealed to me so much, he cared, which is more you can say about some protagonists in american shows ” PREACH. Yessss all of this. And several other drama leads I can mention, it’s so satisfying watching a couple like in Starry Night, Healer and WLFKBJ actually communicate and look after each other. Rather than the bullshit you get in American shows.

          I know of the Americans! I tried to watch it a couple of years ago but kinda got bored a few episodes in… Perhaps it was too much of a slow burn for me, I’m not sure. It seemed relatively well made but I just could get into it! Sorry! But hey, I’ll keep it in mind if I ever feel like picking something up again since you rate it so highly!


            don’t say sorry πŸ™‚ if the americans didn’t catch your interest, it’s okay, it’s not like i’m going to stop talking to you because of differing opinions! to be fair, i fell asleep four times in the first few episodes before i got through it, it’s a slow one in the beginning where the beauty lies in the unsaid, the silence and the expressions πŸ™‚ it picks up its pace a bit later, i enjoy its slowness considering that in the 80s when you had to get info, it took time so in that POV, it vibes well with the the way they lived in that period:)

            oh dear lord, the blacklist was perfect for one season, i never picked it up after,i can only watch so much of the same type before i got bored,
            same thing with castle (and bones), loved it for the first 5 seasons and then i just had enough,
            and Supernatural, 13 seasons, i barely got to season 2 before i just had to put it on hold, maybe one day, or maybe i just watch all the TvN and OCN crime/thriller shows that i haven’t had the chance yet (signal, punch, etc.)

            i am all for wearing what you want and living the way you want, but please do it with a bit of class and consideration, for the life of me i will never understand girls or woman who wear such skimpy stuff that i wonder why not walk around in their bikini’s since it’s the same -_-, and then complain that guys keep on checking them out, really? so yeah, i absolutely enjoy the asian drama world where it doesn’t follow the world sex culture as much, as you, am also semi-conservative , i’m all for empowerment but it doesn’t mean that it’s all about sex, drugs and rock & roll so to say πŸ™‚
            “it’s so satisfying watching a couple like in Starry Night, Healer and WLFKBJ actually communicate and look after each other” yes yes yes! it’s that reason that i love all of the series you mentioned, you talk to each other , which you would do in real life, it’s refreshing to talk to someone who understands πŸ™‚ i’m the only one of my real life friend circle(except one other girl) who watches kdrama’s and the rest just doesn’t get why i watch less and less american series (except a good scifi) cause i just get bored with them aswell πŸ™‚ you are awesome! thanks for this wonderful conversation!!!


            PS i would totally wch a crime comedy written by you! πŸ™‚


            *watch, the more exited i get, the more typos i make


          Ahhh thank you for understanding. Yeah it does make sense why it was like that, I guess I just wasn’t sucked in and so didn’t continue. I like that you like it though haha and know why you like it. It’s cool to see hehe
          I stopped after S2 with the Blacklist. Castle was only good to S5 anyway hahaha, I still haven’t seen the last season cos I don’t wanna ruin the good memories of S3. Bones… Bones had some other issues on top of the dragging of 8 seasons… Like its camera work. The camera angle, a medium chest upwards shot, was all the same for every single conversation ever for the entire first two seasons and I couldn’t stand it, and the character development jumped all over the place and so I didn’t even end up finishing s2… woops
          I haven’t actually seen SPN. I just use it as an example. All the time. 
          Hahaha preach, sister. Class and consideration goes a looong way. β€œi’m all for empowerment but it doesn’t mean that it’s all about sex, drugs and rock & roll so to say” exactly. Something modern film and literature needs to learn better I think… haha
          The fact that the main couple in Healer actually talks through their stuff and trusts each other, and supports each other and doesn’t go all City-Hunter-Noble-Idiocy on us is one of the reasons I love that show so much. They have such a good relationship, ahh.
          Awww! You’re so welcome! I love talking about this kind of thing with someone who understands too! Beanies are really great cos we’re all here for Kdrama and lots of us for similar reasons, so when someone gets it they really GET it. I have only one real life friend into Kdrama also, so I yeah, I’m with you there… except she’s in Japan right now… alas!
          Hahaha! Aww yay!! Well… I have it all worked out in my head, with pinterest boards and everything, so if you ever want to hear about it, let me know! Not right now alas, as I’m going to bed, but I’ll read your reply tomorrow!


            gooood morning! i would love to hear about your crime comedy ideas and the surrounding pinterest boards πŸ™‚
            LOL true Bones’ camerawork in the early seasons was seriously bad, i ignored it most of the time (i wasn’t as opinionated abt series as i am now, not sure if i would have been able to watch it now to be honest),
            modern film and literature can take a cue from the olden stories, maybe that’s why period drama’s tend to be a hit and more hyped up than contemporary ones (game of thrones however, it’s not a bad series but it lacks depth),
            at one point me and a good friend are gonna start watching classics (movies) again cause modern english movies mostly fail in execution and pacing, the godfather is one of my favorite movies ever and i feel like i need to rewatch a good classic,

            The relationship in Healer is what i want in my relationship, the kind of openness and trust of being able talk to each other about anything, it’s as if the more digital our life gets, the more superficial sometimes the conversations? not with Beanies though, this is an awesome community where you can discuss stuff and find like-minded people πŸ™‚


          Oh boy… do you wanna here about it now?? On here? In this thread? Or shall I start a new one? It’s just when I start talking about it I can get carried away rather quickly… haha (I like talking about it)

          Hahaha if only I wasn’t so opinionated maybe I’d be able to enjoy more things… haha >.> πŸ˜›
          “game of thrones however it’s not a bad series but it lacks depth” THANK YOU. For saying that. Everyone goes batshit about GOT and I’m like ‘but his story telling is kinda average… like he’s on book 7 and doesn’t know where he’s going…’ “NO NO NO GOT AND ASOIAF IS SO GOOD HE’S THE NEXT TOLKIEN AND THE SHOW~” ‘but…’ *-*
          Doo it! I was reading an infographic today on biggest hits in hollywood ever, and most of them were old ones! So yeah, classics ftw. Don’tshootmebut I still haven’t seen the Godfather… I know, I know terrible of me, you don’t have to hype it, I’m well aware of how good it’s supposed to be I just… haven’t seen it… O.o Should remedy that asap really.
          Healer is OTP goals, let’s be honest (the only thing that still gets me though is that she probably slept with him without knowing his real name? Idk that also bugs me for some reason)
          Yass Beanie’s are so down to earth and for the most part, really open to not-like minded opinions too. Like I’ve read some conversations where each person will have wildly different views and yet it remains civil! Like… wow.


            first of all, i leave for vacation tomorrow (thursday) for a week and i’ll have sucky internet, i would love to hear about your ideas on your series but maybe after i get back? otherwise you’ll have to wait for a long time before i can reply:)

            secondly, i knew you would understand my opinion on GOT πŸ˜€ i have heard that the books are way better than the series but i am waiting for the completion before reading them, the series, i watch half-asleep, i realize that Martin likes to write in a fragmented way, only it doesn’t translate so well to TV which makes for a very choppy storyline and lacks depth, lol, “…’ β€œNO NO NO GOT AND ASOIAF IS SO GOOD HE’S THE NEXT TOLKIEN AND THE SHOW~” β€˜but…’ *-*” i’ve been there, i had almost fights with people about GoT, and honestly, i just gave up, i don’t know what it is but GoT inspires this way of thinking that doesn’t allow for differing opinions, it drives me crazy,

            lol, watch the godfather when you are in the mood for it (considering you are in light, cuty fluffy series mood πŸ™‚ ), it’s a slow series, very dialogue-driven, i am not judging at all considering i for instance still have not watched inception which is supposedly an amazing movie, never got around to it honestly,

            True, the OTP in healer did sleep with each other without her knowing his real name, but honestly, i don’t think it really mattered for her, like she knew he was “healer”, this highly rated night errand boy, so what’s in a name when you are attracted to someone’s essence? i do understand why it can bug you, i have re-watched healer a couple of times now, and i realized that that scene was pivotal for him to realize that he wasn’t all alone after losing his teacher.
            *nods to beanies comment* yep, we have the true sense of debate i guess, being able to accept a different opinion and feeling like your opinion isn’t valuable, we are just a really cool and smart bunch of people πŸ™‚


            *feeling like you opinion IS valuable” not isn’t, sorry, i literaly got up a few minutes ago and my brain makes seriously weird typo’s


          Haha that sounds like a better plan! Let’s do that! Just remind me when you do get back! (where are you going btw?)

          Honestly, I haven’t even seen the show (1 episode doesn’t count) and neither have I read the books, but I used to watch theories on youtube about it, when I was bored, and googled like all the important bits (naughty me I know but it was quickerrrr)… so I know quite a bit about it, and, I’m not really sold on either to be honest haha
          “Martin likes to write in a fragmented way, only it doesn’t translate so well to TV which makes for a very choppy storyline and lacks depth”< same. πŸ˜€
          “and i realized that that scene was pivotal for him to realize that he wasn’t all alone after losing his teacher” yesyesyesyesyesyesyessoyesabsolutely I’m glad someone else thinks about Healer in this much depth because every time I watch it I notice more and more little things to add to why I loved it the first time, and the depth of Jung Hoo’s character and how it’s only played out in subtleties is one of them

          Hahaha aren’t we just! (also it was for this reason that I’m glad the downvote button was taken away because it forces people to either shut up or argue their point, rather than hide behind antagonism)
          I was gonna write so much more on Healer and ranting re. GOT but I ran out of room and decided you probably can’t talk much if you’re going away tomorrow anyway haha.


            india πŸ™‚ for a week, last minute family visits πŸ™‚

            don’t worry about the long talks, i’m mostly packed, just carry-on left (basically unload purse , sort out and re-load :D), i already checked in online aswell, just need to print the boarding pass:)

            that is a very efficient way to watch GoT, i confess, i watched it on 1.2x speed and i didn’t even notice the difference with 1x speed (that’s how slow it is in season 3-6), if it isn’t for you, it isn’t for you, i’m not sure if i’ll ever read the books, i have so many others i want to read that Martin’s books gets shoved down the list actually πŸ™‚

            i love healer for it doesn’t bore me with rewatching cause i learn something new everytime πŸ™‚ it’s not a perfect show but it’s like an onion, layers and layers which you can’t grasp in one watch πŸ˜€ Jung Hoo’s character is incredibly deep, it’s written like a human, with fears and insecurities and it’s not all glossed over, same with young-shin, they loved each other other and accepted the flaws as something beautiful, seriously hope this makes sense, her aversion to violence and his sense of being abandoned, it got accepted wholly by the other, wanting to understand why but never to use it as ‘weapon’ in an argument, i hope this makes sense πŸ™‚ i love that you see the depth aswell πŸ™‚


          Oooh cool! So you’re Indian but live in…Euuurope somewhereee? (you commented on purpleseesh’s post, yes?)
          Alas I have to sleep soon… might catch you in my morning/your evening though.

          Hahaha! I got frowns from friends, but I don’t care, I get all the interesting bits and none of the boring bits that way πŸ˜‰
          Oh wow… that’s… that’s not a good thing haha… that it was that slow..
          Too right. Gosh my reading list is such a mess…

          Not perfect no, but very tight writing in my opinion, over all, makes 20 eps seem like 16 I swear.
          No it makes total sense and I completely understand, and agree with everything, not to worry! Jung Hoo ahhh, defintiely has layers that one, and the more I think about it- dunno if it was in the writing or JCW choice to act it that way, or both, but the more I see him the more he comes across as having a … like a social disorder? … but I think it’s done really well and makes him that much more interesting and heartbreaking but in a good way… I’m rambling because I’m tired but one day I’ll go into more depth! haha (p.s. have you finished Lookout yet?)


            belgium πŸ™‚ born in india, grew up and schooled in belgium πŸ˜€
            goood morning!!!

            do you like reading aswell? any particular genre?

            true, healer was tightly written, there was not once scene wasted actually which is a feat, and yes, he did come off as having a social disorder or more like the consequence of having a lonely life, but it was done well! incredibly well! it’s where writing, directing and acting become one amazing unit πŸ™‚

            no, have not started lookout yet, i even put chicago typewriter on hold because of the last minute trip, i’ll pick both up when i’m back πŸ™‚


          Ahhh what a fascinating mix! How many languages do you speak?

          I do like reading. I feel like that’s a given for someone who writes… hahaha I also work in a library πŸ˜› Hmmm fantasy and sci fi, but it’s hard to do well on both counts πŸ™‚ But I do enjoy a good thriller if I can get my hands on one.

          Mmm as a consequence of abandonment and how he grew up ofc… Idk I just really liked how they portrayed his inability to interact with humans as humans, and then along comes Young Shin…

          Ahhh fair enough! I’m just looking forward to you finishing it is all haha.


            try number two! somehow my reply didn’t get posted

            i speak about 4-5 languages, gujurati (mother tongue), dutch and english (native proficiency), french (studied it for 8 years,at the moment i understand better than i speak but i need to start improving my speech and writing as a requirement for my new job), hindi (understand better than i speak), bit of german (had 3 years in school), in my school system, i studied in dutch but had compulsory french, english and german classes πŸ™‚ after my french improving, i’ll probably learn another language (korean πŸ˜‰ )

            ooh, you work in a library! that is so cool! speaking of reading, since i didn’t bring my laptop, i brought my kindle and read some books, i can highly suggest ‘annihilation’ by jeff vandermeer, it’s sci-fi done well, i literally read it one setting (it’s only like 160ish pages long), pick it up when you are in a reading mode!

            Ji chang wook in healer will always be his epic role for me, like EPIC!

            it will take me a few more days before i can binge lookout and chicago typewriter, i met someone in a significant other capacity and e has the next few days off (it’s a long weekend here) so lots of bonding time πŸ˜‰ also my replies may come a bit late the next few days πŸ™‚


          Oh no! Oh well… here we are anyway!

          FOUR TO FIVE. Oh my gaasssh. That’s awesome. I love languages, and anyone who speaks more than one gets automatic respect in my book, and dude you’re like qautri-pentalingual and your sixth is gonna be so easy you lucky thing!
          I want to learn all the languages. (But mostly Korean and Finnish as of right now. ANd get back to French cos I did it for 6 years at school, but I’ve lost a lot of it now)

          Yesss I do! It’s pretty cool, I work with a lovely bunch of ladies, even if the council up stairs can be useless haha.
          OOOOhhhh will see if I can find it! Thanks for the suggestion! (My reading list is very long, and nowhere near as organised as my kdrama list, and I have like 12 books out atm and haven’t read any yet hahaha)
          If you want a rather complex hard sci-fi novel, I would highly reccommend The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi. (but it does throw you in the deep end, you have been warned. However I really liked it despite not getting all the comp sci references)
          Yesss! So far from what I’ve seen of his other stuff, his best role too.

          Oooooh oooooh cuuuuteee kyopta!!!! That is a very decent excuse, so take your time hehehe. And keep me updated. :p Cos you know, rl ships man hahahahaha
          (and let me know when you want to hear about my tv show… πŸ˜€ but no pressure, it’s not going anywhere)


            lol πŸ™‚ thanks, knowing this many languages is the product of my upbringing πŸ™‚ Finnish? interesting, is there a specific reason why you want to learn Finnish?

            Quantum thief is added to my reading list πŸ˜‰ will be for a rainy moment πŸ˜€

            he is a really nice guy, am enjoying getting to know him so well actually, it just feels right, i know i know, it’s always like that in the beginning but i want this to work πŸ™‚ glad to know that it’s a good excuse!
            whenever you have time to write down a whole post about your tv show, would love to hear about it! (he has been informed about drama beans already so no worries, i check in via his computer and he is completely okay with it πŸ˜‰ )


          Yes!!! Lucky you! haha
          Uhm well I’ve been interested in Scandinavia and Finland since I was about 12, and also I think Finnish is a really interesting and pretty language. And it’s an Urgic language rather than an Indo-European language, meaning it’s language family group is small and unusual.

          Woohoo! (Fun fact since we’re on the subject, the author is a Finnish Mathematical Physicist haha)

          Awww that’s really lovely. I’m glad and I hope it works out too!

          Hahahaha okay then! I will keep that in mind and try and find time this week! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›