TV Melonia 1, Breaking News: Magic Horse Abandons Show:
For the next several episodes, any appearance and action of and by Magic Horse in the Kdrama, The Horse And His Carrot Boy (also known as Arthdal) is not actually Magic Horse but a last minute stunt double, as Magic Horse has abandoned his Carrot Children, and gone on vacation to an undisclosed tropical location. (And also joined a Punk Rock band. Possibly for forever.)
There will be no sh☠️tposts in the near future either as Jester Queen of Melonia, Sicarius, has decided to join him.
They left the following simple message with Magic Horse’s secretary:
“We do not know when we will be back.
Do not contact us.
We don’t care.
We are freezing our buts off at a youth camp in Kaikoura on a beach, using stolen Vampire Magic to levitate our cocktails whilst we bask in the metaphorical sun.”

And now, on to Jim, with the weather.