2D1N season 4 2020 KBSWorld episode 54 / Viki Kocowa episode 53 didn’t have clips of each team’s lunch allowance game.

There’s a cat wandering around Jung Hoon, Ravi, and Se Yoon during their quiz game. The cat is in the background when Ravi falls off his chair, and it quickly darts away. 😆

Din Din, Jong Min, and Seon Ho had to play a singing game on the Viking ride. They start out ok, but start freaking out as the ride goes higher and higher. This game had to be the craziest game so far. 😂


    that cat! and when bang pd whispered correct to seyoon

    when seonho just flip it without caring whether dindin can see/jongmin is answering is just 🤣🤣
    i thought he gets better since he survived disco pang pang but i guess not