I cried throught this ep. I haven’t felt this much with a finale episode in a while. Recently I just haven’t been that invested in dramas. Even if I like the drama in the beginning by the time the finale rolls im already emotionally checked out. But this one was just perfection beginning to end (we are just going to pretend they gave us a logical explanation for how her mom survived). I just feel so full and happy at how all our characters came full circle and had complete story arcs. Ah Sang-tae though. My heart is just
Happy for oppa im so proud of how far he’s come!!!


    All your words are my thoughts too. After goblin I wasn’t invested into any drama this way. For Goblin it was the fantasy elements and synergy of the four main leads.
    But for IOTNBO it was definitely the healing part that got me invested. So many personal issues and thoughts were addressed in the drama in such acceptable ways that it hooked me and kept me there for 8 friggin weeks.
    One more special thing is that it told the taetae brothers’ story as the center plot and followed it till the last moment. Yes MY’s story was in the main focus too, but hers was intertwined with the moon brothers midway and integrated at the end.
    A beautiful story told by an unparalleled cast. Honestly speaking even this type of script could have been ruined by the wrong cast. I would not say bad cast but with the wrong cast the delivery could have been a complete circus. But with this cast the director and writer was successful creating an artistic and meaningful drama project. I have seen angel eyes, Hyde Jekyll and me, jealousy incarnate, liked the latter only which proves my point of having the right cast. Gosh I’m heading towards a bad drama slump!!😭