Ok, I legit started crying watching this video. It’s been an hour since released and it’s already going viral…
Here’s the story. After Hyunsik finished composing his song, Sungjae was in Hawaii or Guam and on the plane back, he suddenly thought of incorporating sign language in the choreography. When he arrived, he talked to the choreographers and they worked sign language into the choreography. A deaf girl saw the video and posted online about how she cried watching idols. She lost her hearing so she never thought to like idols, but for the first time, she felt like she could listen to music.
BTOB got wind of it and kept talking about it at fanmeetings and on shows about that new fan, and Changsub even began to change his solo part to be the correct version of sign language, not modified by choreography like the group dance. Then, BTOB did Tipsy Live with Dingo and that went viral with 4.4 million views on facebook (+900K on another account), and 1+ million on youtube. So they were invited again, and this is the result.
Today is Peppero Day, a day of romance with fans. But more importantly, today is Day for Physically Disabled in Korea and they made a performance with a hearing impaired fan. And brought the whole fandom to tears.


    Here’s the translated text of the story the hearing impaired fan posted online.


      Is that the same fan who were with them in the video?

      BTOB is truly living up to their reputation as “healing-idols.” The lyrics for It’s Okay, or Drawing or Brand New Days or Way Back Home are so healing, and now, they even managed to make a non-healing lyrics song like Missing You healing too.


        It’s Okay is a masterpiece, no words needed. I can relate to so much of the lyrics (well, except the army part). Brand New Days’ lyrics more than healing, is really uplifting, like I feel I can suddenly go on after listening to it. I love Drawing too ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Oh my goodness, I’m somehow smiling and nearly crying at the same time. I’m sharing this to my FB wall. Thank you so much for sharing!


    That’s pretty awesome ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d love to learn sign language one day, but can’t decide which one it should be, since it’s not really one language, but different ones for different verbal/written languages.

    (sidenote: how do you do those longs posts? *is not very tech savvy*)


      Sidenote: Sorry for the late reply but I see you’ve got it all figured out! Congrats! ๐Ÿ˜€