Beanie level: Chaebol’s poor doppelganger

Love me love my voice..
It’s drama about Gary Stu dating Mary Sue. It’s so pink and sugary that it is boring.
Male lead is a internet famous voice actor with die hard fans. He is a partner in famous studio and their top talent. He is a surgeon and fantastic cook. The female lead is a top student who is enrolled in post-graduate program. She is musical genius and only girl in her generation. Every one loves her and heaven favors her…
Could they be more perfect without any flaws?
I get need of low conflict, pink bubble drama but why it has to be so boring and why these professionals in early thirties or late twenties hanging around college kids? What’s the attraction and why head of studio (SML) is trying to pursue a college girl?


    I feel like it’s just a drama made for the purpose of letting Zhou Ye (FL actress) look pretty with the utilization of Tan Jian Ci (ML actor)— considered an actor with more experience and definitely a solid fan base— for clout


Perfect Marriage Revenge…

Lee Jung-hye was so overpowered that both leads had to get back in time to defeat her. They won only because they had a cheat otherwise they never stood a chance.
What a antagonist!


Scent of time – what a waste of time….What was the point of the drama?


    Just a reason to try to help the FL actress, Zhou Ye, try to gain some traction and some traffic (popularity) to her name, me thinks. And I didn’t even watch the drama.
    Sorry, for some reason, she just rubs me the wrong way and she gives me the vibe that she tries to take advantage of her co-stars in the not-so-great way to try to gain traffic for herself


C- drama recommendation for people who want to watch a drama without watching the whole drama: Last episode of Circle of love.
It’s only about 13 minutes long and it characters basically speed you through what happened in past 23 episodes. It’s absolutely bonkers (I am not talking about whole drama here, just one episode) and action packed. Things happen one after another, resolving everything in spectacular shootout and as usual in c-drama fashion we get tagged on happy ending (?) without any explanation what’s-so-ever.
It was so fun and I don’t regret time I spent on it but I left wondering what was the point of 23 episodes?
Spoilers in comments for curious people:


    So, episode opens in church, ML and FML are in wedding attire and SML is trying to intervene (I guess). His lacky soldiers are in church as well, holding guns.
    FML shoots ML leads in chest and goes on explaining her motives as revenge for killing her family. SML runs outside the screen (Why? I don’t know and ML lead is not dead yet). FML then shoots herself in head because she hates herself more for loving ML. SML runs back in frame I don’t know what he was doing in between). The male lead is still not dead yet. SML keeps on rambling on how he killed FML’s family for his ambition and framed the male lead. He then tires to shoot the ML lead who is not dead yet but in surprise move ML shoots SML in head. All three people are dead and it is spectacular.
    But same as ML lead we are done yet. We get a three-year time jump and we see ML and FML in war zone safe and sound. How and why? C-drama magic? Are they in hell? Was sequence figment of their imagination or was it case of Folie à deux? Was it figment of my imagination?


    I saw some clips. tempted. lol. sounds similar to the Maid’s revenge drama genre.


2023 drama drop 2 – Viva Femina
Drop time stamp: 25 minutes in episode 1
Reason: Stop myself from permanently damaging my eye sight by rolling eyes too many times (With rate of an eye roll per 1.8 minutes)
Here how it goes:
Mom in white dress which is suspiciously similar to wedding dress (eye roll #1) heading to conference which is hosted in same hotel her ex-son-in-law’s wedding venue. (Eye roll#2) with her daughter.
Daughter saved by running into waiter by handsome male lead with romantic spin with music. (Eye roll#3).
Mom ripping off bride’s wedding dress and her daughter’s dress in single go (eye roll #4).
Mom exchanging dress with bride (Eye roll #5)
Mom’s story about her helping ex-son-law’s bride overheard by bride’s aunt (or mother) (Eye roll #6)
Daughter who was waiting for her new dress asked to vacate dressing room by hotel staff (Eye roll #7)
Daughter wearing torn wedding dress seen by bride’s aunt (Eye roll #8 and 9)
Daughter’s male friend whom she asked for dress, arriving lobby and seeing announcement of his friend’s ex-husband wedding (Eye roll #10)
Friend entering in wedding hall by mistake and catching the wedding bouquet (Eye roll #11)
Bride’s aunt chasing daughter in assumption that the bride is here to cause problem and confronting her (Eye roll #12)
Daughter encounters people carrying huge decoration causing her to run in same wedding hall (Eye roll #13)
The friend proposing daughter in her ex-husband wedding (Eye roll#14)
I had enough. I don’t think I can carry on.


    Was planning to try this out for Jasper. Thank you for saving me 🙏.


      I watched all 7 episodes 🥹


        Oh. I’m assuming it got better than the description above?


          I didn’t mind episode 1 set up as much as Casualdramafan. I just went with it.
          I found it interesting that the ex and now wife meet due to coincidences but are actually polite to each other.
          It’s an easy watch for me (I am not thinking too much). There are some frustrating bits about the female characters, but I do think the drama is going for their growth so I am hanging on to it..
          I like that one of the FL is a single mother and she is actually not good at it. She is a career woman and struggles. And wants to do better. So depending on the viewer, it can be upsetting or interesting to see the dramas take on this matter.
          Plus, Jasper!
          As with any cdrama I would say it takes 3-4 episodes to tell if you want to continue or not.


2023 Best drama so far- Recipe for farewell
For a drama centred around terminally ill cancer patient, this drama is strangely calming
and same time heart-breaking. It’s about gaining strength to face life altering loss through life’s simple joys – food and spending time with loved ones.
It is a wonderfully acted beautify drama.


2023 drama drop #1
Drama Name : Knight of the rose (C-Drama)
Drop time : 10 mintes in episode 1 (9:45 exactly)

Here is how it went :
Barely out of college CEO/Managing director walking in office – Red Flag#1
Boss/CEO setting extremely unralistic time limit to correct a job in office lobby – Red Flaf#2
Every one in office runing around telling each other how great their CEO/Boss is – Red Flag#3 (Whom you are kidding drama, that kid is not Miranda Priestly nor does he has gravitas to pull that off)
No idea what kind of business they are into – yellow flag
Boss/CEO fighting off criminal on street , falling dawn and here comes the FL in slow motion – yellow flag
FL without knowing anything, tacking ML and possibly injuring him – Death flag


2022 Round-up: The OST you are obsessed with and ML I won’t forget
Sorry, no winner this year.


#2022 Round Up: The drama that will always live in your memory
There were quite few dramas I enjoyed this year – Our Beloved Summer, 25-21, Business Proposal, Sh**ting star, and Extraordinary Attorney WOO.
Even though I liked them to a certain degree, I don’t think they will remain with me for long time, that honour will go to Delhi Crime.


#2022 Round Up: the dramas beanies convinced me to watch and can’t be grateful enough
Gaus Electronics
It was wacky, fun and it had the most adorable romance in second half of the year.


2022 Round up: The OTP you didn’t think you would adore
The chef and Webtoon artist from Love is for suckers. This where real romance of the show lay. We were robbed of their journey to be together, what we saw just snippets and it made me crave for more.
I grew tired with the main OTP.


#2022 Round Up: Biggest Disappointment
Park Min Young
Even if I am not the die-hard fan, I always watch finish her dramas. But this year her drama choices made it very hard to stick till end. It was not one but two duds – Forecasting love and weather and Love in contract.
I think she should stay away from romcoms/romances for time being.


#2022 – Favorite Villain
Jin Yang-cheol from Reborn Rich played to the perfection by Lee Sung-min .
Whether he is villain or not is open for debate, but every corruption, misdeed that happens in this show happens because of him – be his insistence on male primogeniture or his utter conviction on righteous management i.e. profit over everything else – people and law.
It is no coincidence that he created four monsters – his children and grandchild, who have his lust for power, money and cruelty but none of his entrepreneurship and vision. Even his favorite child – Soonyang is bult on oppression and cruelty and is responsible for inflicting the same on other.
He is the patriarch who towers on everyone, everything and best part of the show.


2022 Round up Oldie you loved the most.
I am cheating, but my absolute favorite was Spirited Away. I cannot say enough about this film. It was wonderful and magical experience.


Reborn Rich: Moral of the story
You have to die and born again to bring justice to corrupt chaebol/ billionaire, one life time is not enough.


Total Beans: 31
Business Proposal *******
Our Beloved Summer *****
25-21 *****
Extraordinary Attorney WOO *****
Sh**ting star ***
Kiss Sixth Sense *
Remarriage and desires *
The Silent Sea **
Reborn Rich *
Alchemy of souls *
The Ghost Doctor
Juvenile Justice
Rookie Cops
Forecasting love and weather
Crazy love
Green Mothers club
Love all play
Again my life
Why Her
Yumi’s cells
Link : Eat, love kill
Minamdong Café
Today’s webtoon
Good Job
Law Café
Love in Contract
Love is for the suckers
Cheer Up


#2022 Round up: Favorite womance/bromance
There were quite good womances throughout year –
Shin Ha-ri and Jin Young-seo – These crazy childhood besties were always each other’s best person.
Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim – One sided admiration/ fear to enemies to best friends for life. The whole story can be a great drama itself.
But my favorite is Woo young woo and spring sunshine Choi Su-yeon. It was sweet, wonderful and oh so beautiful.


#2022 Round up: FL you will never forget
There were two standout k-drama performances for me – Na hee do and Woo young woo played to the perfection by Kim Tae-ri and Park Eun-bin.
There are no words to describe their performances. They both were force of nature and they became Na hee do and Woo young woo.
But I have to say the FL I will never forget for 2022 is Vartika Chaturvedi from Delhi crime. She is real, honorable and just so good that you are never look away from the screen.


Completed episode 2. Record for me to watch LMH drama on two consecutive days. The drama is so uneven, the episode reaches to its high point about 75% mark and then all the momentum is lost.
Good points:
– The general getting stabbed. That was awesome.
– The queen – she is more prepared for her role as queen than her clueless and always confused, indecisive husband.
Now wtf things:
– LMH powered Boomarang shield
– LMH shooting lighting from his fingertips
– Goryeo doctor taking down enemies using fan. I guess he can shoot lighting /power too? Why only these two can do that and no other?
– Female lead being idiot- who just acts like that? No sane person will act like her when caught in situation similar to hers- panicking and running directionless in unknown territory without any awareness of surrounding? Isn’t she a surgeon? Aren’t they trained to work in high pressure situation? Even if she stopped being surgeon, she should be more levelheaded than that.


    The female lead is conceited, careless, and mercenary. We are meant to dislike her in the beginning. The show actually does a great job of showing her redemption and growth arc. I hope you come to like it in time too.

    Faith can be a great show if one can completely ignore anything ridiculously magical, (I honestly never understood what the writer and director were thinking when making those storylines! I usually ff through all those scenes) and just sit back and watch the characters live and grow.

    Also, db recaps are a fantastic source for historical notes.


Well, I have decided to watch Faith: the great doctor. Don’t ask me why, most probably it’s a challenge. I just completed first episode.
It was entertaining in most of the part.
Good things:
– The introductory animation
– LMH’s character – he is not being overwhelmingly annoying; he is charmingly cocky. Is there any humble LHM character?
– The set up
– The king, his wife and their relationship
– The bodyguard squads.
WTF things
– Light saber dual and glowing paint battle?
– LMH’s fringes/wig?
– Cockroach medicine for youth and beauty?
– Last 10 minutes
– Sang-hoon in white wig killing cockroaches with flute. No, he is not smashing them with flute. I guess, his music is poisonous to them or is he hypnotizing them to commit suicide?


    I liked the OST by Ali – Carry On


    I’d forgotten about the white wig! LOOOOOOOL


    A humble Lee Min-ho character? Impossible.

    Also that white wig, LMAOOO. I always forget how freaking chaotic this show was. Just incredible television. I truly wish I got to watch it live.


    The wigs!
    The magic!
    The shrieking!
    Boomerang police shield!

    Faith is weirdly cracky though, even when it’s being bad you still keep watching it. Also check out the recaps. They’re great.


      Yes, the recaps pulled me into db for the very first time and I’ve been connected ever since!


    Im a Faith groupie as it was my first dramabeans connect drama. The flute’s fatality is its unearthly high pitch. I have to say the Walduchi will charm the pants off of you, and court lady Choi is the bomb. The king and queen too, she’s definitely the woman behind the man. There are a lot of fascinating flaws in this drama, but somehow it swept me into the many characters and will forever remain my maiden voyage into the db community. I hope you enjoy the ride as well!


    The wig!

    And OMG, I’m just now realizing the guy in the wig was Sung Hoon!


    Watching Faith is like watching two shows at the same time.
    There is a moody lovely historic one, with a humble general, a conceited modern doctor, earnest bodyguards, and a lovely royal pair.
    Then there is a ridiculously over the top irrational fantasy that has no rhyme or reason.
    Basically how you have devided it too😄
    I rewatch Faith occasionally, simply ignore everything fantasy except the time travel part. The rest I actually love.

    This is the only LMH character, and drama, that I LOVE. His character is not only everything you have said, but also very very well acted. I’m amazed at how nuanced and understated, but expressive he is every time. How is it that he has never been able to be this good again?