(Sorry for the incoherent word vomit below)
Gosh, this show, they like to play with my emotion, don’t they? I cannot believe in less than 24 hours, they have turned me from being beyond happy to beyond stressed.

I’m stressed for SA because this grad school thing is giving me bad vibes, her violin career has been struggling enough, I don’t think it can handle more stress pouring on to it. Also cause she’s bound to be heart broken because her object of affection is 100% not ready for a relationship.

By that I meant JY, cause I’m even MORE stressed for him. Every aspect of his life is a messy mess, almost everyone in his life is out to make him miserable, the so called “family”, “sponsor”, “mentor” and “friends” (JK is no question, but even HH got on my nerves sometimes, both of them do not deserve JY). Seriously, everyone is out to get him and he’s stuck, cannot get out of any of those situation, since he’s just too nice. (Shout out to Team Leader Cha though, compare to all of these human beings, she seems like a freaking saint).

All of this messy mess scares me, like not counting external forces circling around, based on JY himself alone I don’t think he’s ready for a serious relationship with SA. His emotional state is all messed up due to years of being used and manipulated, as the show goes on I’m more convinced that for now he does not know how to navigate a healthy relationship. I honestly don’t know how I want him to respond to SA’s confession, cause either yes or no, she’s bound to get hurt one way or another.

I don’t blame JY, I felt bad for him, he’s just want to be nice to a girl, grew to care about her and wanted to see her often because she made him happy, I honestly don’t believe he was trying to lead anyone on. But now the girl is catching feelings and he’s bound to get even more stressed, cause he’s definitely gonna be even more miserable if he ended up hurting SA.

Also, I for one do not believe that one can have healthy relationship if their lives are in financial mess, so seeing characters facing in financial troubles gives me serious anxiety, sometimes even more than relationship troubles. I honestly don’t know how JY have been handling all of this without going insane @.@

Anyway, I hope the writer knows what they are doing and let JY/SA grow and learn how to navigate and untangle their messy lives and relationships. But it’s a kdrama after all and I need to manage my expectations. We’ll see.