I love this episode
It may seemed like nothing super dramatic or explosive happened, but at the same time there was so much happening, so much development! We got cute swoony dates, we got angsty dramas, we got break ups (okay just 1), we got supportive girlfriends, we got (2) lovely father-daughter moments (1 of which completely blind-sided me and I appreciate it) and we got honest and candid conversations.
1. I really loved the way JY respond to SA’s confession. It would be too soon for him to say yes and too cruel, and, idk, untrue (?) to just flat out say no. He explained to her why he was not ready and ask her to wait. We stan an honest, sensitive and respectful man!
I understand that many felt frustrated that he couldn’t give her the clear answer, but I truly feel bad for the man, he has so much on his plate already that I feel like expecting him to be a perfect model boyfriend is just too much. I hope SA can be patient and teach him how to improve on his relationship skills because…
2. That girl was such a queen. She was adorable and sweet, but also firm and honest. For someone who was supposed to be meek and shy, she sure had a lot of spines, both with the violin and with JY. She always spoke her mind, got straight to the and never let an issue went unaddressed. I loved that she asked him “Is there room for me?”, cause that question was not only for her, but it’s something he need to ask himself too. Also, I want her entire wardrobe! We stan a strong, independent and fashionable queen!!
3. This ep has like multiple conflicts arised between the OTPs, and I could not be anymore happy that they did not let the conflicts brew over time. He made efforts to explain himself and she made efforts to communicate her stance. So even though they are not “together” together, I’m truly satisfied with how healthy and functional their relationship already is. Let’s hope they keep it that way.
4. I have to admit I did not care for HH all that much, but I appreciate his resolve to move on this ep. He knew he deserved better and finally decided to cut the sourface girl loose, good for him! Kim Sung Chul has been serving some serious skills so far, I’m impressed!
5. I also really loved that this drama makes effort to add dimensions to the characters. Love or hate them (ugh, I’m looking at you, sourface girl), you’re sure cannot claim that they are flat. In this one ep only we got to see 2 fatherly moments from the girl’s fathers, they were not perfect, but they cared and they tried, loved that. Then, I liked that this interaction between MS and SA, she’s actually curious about SA for once. I appreciate more insight into Grandma’s thoughts and some info about Director Cha’s personal life (she and Professor Yoo?!? Did not see that one coming). And where are they going with Haena? I look forward to learning more about other characters, like DY or the teachers.

Ahhh, there are so much to say, I cannot wait for the weecap!


    Just great that both characters are willing to be honest with each other which already speaks volume about their relationship. There’s a lot of trust and respect for each other. Neither want to see the other hurt, but also know what they need. For Joon Young, it’s time to resolve and process everything, and for Song Ah, it’s communication from Joon Young so she knows where she stands. Urgh I love our OTP too much.


    I really like how, wherever they’re at in their relationship, they genuinely seem to delight in each other’s company. A walk together, a chat about whatever, some ice cream – they can just be in that moment and enjoy it for what it is. No pressure, no pushing, just a “this is where we’re at,” and genuinely taking the moment for what it is. It’s mature and refreshing.