DYLB #13
1. This show and its little twists. Remember ep 8? When they took us on a ride and I was so convinced (for 2 minutes) that it would end on a bad note and then it didn’t and we’re all puddles? Ep 13 basically pulled the same thing. After ep 10 and ep 12 broke my heart, I was watching ep 13 dreading for it to end terribly (again) at the coffee date (gosh, imagine the melt down if it did). And then they went on and showed SA catching Sourface at JY’s apartment building, I swear I was about to faint. And then, SA spoke and I was simultaneously jaw-dropping and fist-bumping.

2. My girl SA was on fire last night, thank god for her! Otherwise I don’t think I could survive another episode without a bottle of Xanax. Tbh, all of us saw SA ditching Duster coming, but to go on one step further and telling Sourface to f*ck off? Yes, SA, go claim your man! Don’t ever hand him over to the devil! My god, that was therapeutic.

3. Honestly, I’m not mad at the ep, I’m just sad. I know all of this is *kinda* necessary for development, but would it killed them to just give us one cute moment?

4. Also, I’m a bit confused, but did Sourface try to blackmail JY into relationship with her??? What is wrong with this bish? Drama, please make up your mind about Sourface, don’t try to make her sympathetic and THEN make her pull this crap. My head is spinning @@

P/S: Damn you KMJ for making me cry 😭