Why, EY, why?!?!
I was rooting for you so hard! Up until yesterday, that is.
(It’s not too spoiler-y, but I’m putting my little rant in the reply, anyway)


    Ep 13 was disappointing and terrible.
    The preview indicates that Ep 14 is going to be worse. Maybe not, but I’m not hopeful.

    What are the writers smoking? Is it because they are filming in a rush? So the writers do not have the time to think it through before they submit the script, right?
    Or because the “love triangle” is popular now so they are milking it?
    If that, then I’m telling you writers, it’s not working. This tug-of-war between Haru and BK is not helping anyone, you know? Both the characters and the viewers.
    It definitely does not help Dan-oh with her heart problem.
    BK can get lost with his “scars” and his “I don’t care about your heart”. I honestly do not give a damn about him, but how dare you ruin my Haru, writers? How dare you ruin my precious, who was going to be one of the most wholesome male leads of all time in dramaland, huh? How dare you!

    You have such a good thing going on, why are you ruining it for the sake of “love triangle”? I thought your purpose is to making fun of it? Or have you forgotten what you’re here to do in the first place, writers?
    And don’t get me started on the editing, it’s so obvious that they are filming in a rush.

    My God, if you are going to end up like this, why did you have to start out so perfect, show?
    Why did you make me care and then breaks my heart like this?


      I’ll have to agree. I also think it’s because of the lack of ratings. Ratings pull the plug of a writer’s creativity. Now that they know the love triangle works, they are probably told to go in that direction. But that just finishes their initial characterizations. Dan oh looks weak in front of those two guys and Haru is more controlling all of a sudden. Both these guys don’t care about DO but how only they can stay with her. I thought this was a show with a good strong female lead for a change but somehow it has become like the troupes and cliches it is mocking.


      This is so true! I was watching yesterday’s episode and I told myself: am I even watching the same drama?
      I don’t even have the strength to comment on it…
      it’s reminding me so much of Cheese in the Trap…….