My darlings,

Today marked your 15th year on this earth and to commemorate this day in which my life changed irrevocably, here’s 15 ways how much I love you:

1. Love is joy when you were born
2. Love is patience when you are learning new things
3. Love is disappointment when you don’t put in your best efforts
4. Love is pride when you do well
5. Love is anger when we fight
6. Love is happiness when you are healthy and happy
7. Love is fun when we hang out and do stuff together
8. Love is contentment when you smile your happy smile
9. Love is pain when you are ill or unwell
10. Love is blessing when we share a meal together
11. Love is sadness when you shed a tear
12. Love is gratitude when you do things without being asked
13. Love is frustration when you don’t listen
14. Love is relief when you reach home safe and sound every single time
15. Love is peace when you are in my arms

That’s my love for you. And remember, you do not have to change who you are in order to be worthy of love.

Love, Mummy, and always
Love, February