When new acquaintances find out I have a pair of twins, their first question would be, “Are they identical?”, followed by, “Do twins run in your family?” And if I am feeling chatty, I would tell them, “Ahh… funny you should ask….” and I would go into my storytelling mood.

After five years of marriage and no baby in sight, Mom-in-law started to be concerned and on the advice of well-meaning relatives, she dragged Hubby to a Chinese temple known for granting wishes for couples praying for a child. When your wish is fulfilled, you donate 50 eggs for a girl and 100 eggs if the baby is a boy. Being of a different race and faith, I was spared from going to the temple so I cannot fact-check Hubby’s story.

On that morning, Hubby told me that he was exceptionally hungry so after praying, he secretly ate TWO of the boiled eggs (normally should just eat one) made available to visitors from the temple donation. And guess what? One year later, we were blessed with a pair of twin girls. He was so proud of his “achievement” that he told everyone and made it seem like biology and genes had nothing to do with it. It’s all about the two eggs he ate 🤣🤣 So whenever Twins gave me a hard time in their first few years, I would look at him accusingly and asked, “You can’t just eat ONE egg?”

And yes, Hubby donated 100 eggs to the temple on Twins’ one-month birthday celebration as promised 😊

Love, February

(Photo CTTO)