For Suju, this has to be nightmarish timing, and as someone who looked forward to their comeback, I’m worried. But obviously the most affected party in this is the victim’s family, and I hope their grievances will be justly and adequately answered to.


    Wow this is crazy. Can’t believe something like this actually happened.

    Legally, the rule of strict liability (where an accumulated ‘dangerous thing’ ‘likely to cause mischief’ ‘has escaped’) could be used to hold the owner responsible, but even morally, ethically – guilt and responsibility for this is so hard to determine. It seems almost like a freak accident but such an incredibly sad one.


    This situation is sad for the family and I’m not one for advocating putting down an animal, but maybe it should be separated and not let out to the outside again. On the other hand I wonder if they went to the hospital, and if they did i don’t think that they took the bite seriously. as a doctor in Mexico we were told to ALWAYS take a bite seriously. We have a loooot ( when I first got to the town I used to take walks… but after being chased by a pack of dogs for a few blocks myself I stopped – they are so scary! and I love dogs of stray dogs in the town where I worked as the only doctor and I alsays had very young children to elderly come in with bites and we have a protocol on how to treat these bites… and these are bites by stray dogs that who knows what diseases they carry, and I never had a patient die of sepsis over it… so it seems to me that the doctors over there didn’t take the bite seriously and didn’t teach them how to take care of the injury.