It would be really nice if somebody could translate the newest preview for Ep 13 of Hundred Million Stars from the Sky 🙂 Thanks in advance!


    Not sure if this is right, but this is what I heard.

    Mooyoung: If you were me, do you think you can stop here? I’ve never stopped anything which I’ve put my mind to.
    Doctor: What do you think is left?
    Mooyoung: A gun
    Jinkook: A gun?
    A male voice: I’ve found that evidence
    Mooyoung: Hello
    Jang Seran: What is it?
    Mooyoung: I have a request
    Jinkang: Why do you make me feel nervous?
    Mooyoung: I’ll return soon
    Mooyoung: Are you really going to kill me?
    Tak: If he was really that kid…
    Jinkook: (not sure, but he is talking about Mooyoung)
    Mooyoung: whatever happens, for me, you are always you.

    Anyone with better korean, please correct this if there is any mistake.