One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite Japanese bands. The message of this song is timeless.

SOS by Sekai No Owari

People needing to be saved
Scream out for help every day
But we grow numb to the sounds
And feelings slowly start to drown

The first time, we can hear a voice
But soon it all becomes noise
Fading to silence in the end
I know it doesn’t make sense…

When sound all ceases to exist
People think that means happiness
And all the sounds that used to be
Are all just noise to you and me

The cries of help disappear
The silence numbs all of our ears

And when we stop listening
Those screams stop meaning anything

Don’t you let your heart grow numb to everyone
Oh child, listen to the “sound of silence”
Saving someone else means saving yourself
It’s true, and I’m sure you know it too


    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been wanting to check out more Sekai No Owari since I first heard their collaboration with Epik High, “Sleeping Beauty”, but I have no idea where to start. This is a lovely song and I can’t wait to explore more. (Suggestions welcome)


      Yay! Happy to oblige! Thank you for your interest and for asking!

      Some quick background info: They started as an indie band without a drummer, just a group of friends, thus why the 4th member is a DJ (the clown). In a way it’s helped them try a variety of things in their music. They have started to pursue a more mature concept, but they’re most known for their earlier whimsical fantasy concepts + abstract themes and lyrics.

      Here’s a mix of songs that cover some of the various things they’ve done through the years:

      Angels and Demons CC English

      Death Disco CC English

      Dragon Night (English version)

      Moonlight Station


      Hey Ho

      Lost (Acoustic version) ft Clean Bandit

      My most favorite songs from them are actually from their first 2 albums but its not comprehensive enough and you might not enjoy it.


    I discovered Lost while going through all of Clean Bandit’s work but I dont know why I never bothered to hear more of them.
    Thanks for sharing the song and the recommendations!