ALIVE (2020) Rating: 4/10

Inconsistent zombie sense. Strong plot armor for the leads.

Things happen in this movie with no logic because it just needs to happen.

*spoiler rant in comments*

Maybe I just didn’t understand? Or my suspension of disbelief wasn’t strong enough.


    Q: So, these zombies can detect humans through sounds?
    A: YES. They have a 6th sense power.
    Q: But there’s hundreds of zombies moving throughout the city and trapped within rooms. Grunting, stomping around, and bumping into things. How do they distinguish sounds made by humans?
    A: Well, that’s why it’s a 6th sense. They just know. Except sometimes, like when a phone rings in the next room, they don’t know it’s not a human and it draws them away.

    Q: To survive, our main leads just have to be quiet, right?
    A: Well, except there’s this one zombie that sees a string tied around a ball and just knows a living human must be at the end of that string. Even when the male lead throws broken bottles and flies a toy at the zombie and draws its attention, the zombie wants the unconscious human at the end of the string that it can’t see or hear. It’s a new zombie power that detects through mere existence instead of sound.

    Q: What’s this thing with closed doors?
    A: Sometimes when zombies are chasing the main characters and they run behind a closed door, the zombies will go away eventually. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter and a zombie will come in. When a horde of zombies run to the female lead’s closed door, she’s frightened to tears, so the male lead has to lure the zombies away with another sound.

    Q: At the end, when the female lead was screaming, why didn’t that attract the other zombies?
    A: Just because. We need the gunshots that follow to attract the zombies instead. That’s louder.
    Q: But the helicopter noise afterward is even more loud. The main characters hear it and so should the zombies. The zombies are lured away by the helicopter, right?
    A: Not this time. The zombies stay inside the building because the plot needs them to attack the main characters as they run.

    Q: I don’t get it. Is sound important or not?
    A: Sometimes.
    Q: Just tell me, do the main characters learn to use sound to their advantage?
    A: Only once. After that, when they both run to the 8th floor, they don’t distract with sound. They fight through zombies and survive on main character power. When they both run to the rooftop, they also don’t distract with sound either. They bravely fight through zombies and is saved because of main character power.

    Isn’t that just fantastic character growth and storytelling?

    PS. Yoo Ah In was A++, even though I hated his character. Everything else was MEH.


      I totally agree!! And Park Shin Hye’s char! I thought she was somewhat smart until she decided to just jump down in the middle of the crowd of zombies with just a ice pick thing to get to YooAhIn. How could you be sure that you wont get bitten along the way??? Why not zipline across and at least fricken let YooAhIn know what you were going to do!


      I’m loving the snark! I feel you, sometimes no matter how much leeway we want to give to a show, the suspension of disbelief is just too much


      YAI is awesome in everything. Not a bit fan of zombies in general, but they were meh in this 🤣
      Eagerly waiting for Voice of Silence!


      The movie is pretty average at best, I think it just gained traction because it is an easy time filler watch.


    HAHAHA! I was about to post my review on #ALIVE when I saw this and DAYUM! MAAAAN, watching the movie was a mistake! 😀

    For the 1st 10mins of the movie, I was like, “oh ok”, Mid-movie: “huh, okay?”, final scenes: “what the hell did I just watched??” HAHAHA