First impression: The Romance of Tiger and Rose

My sister is getting me to watch after she fell in love with it and Ding Yuxi, but I guess dramas labelled as fluffy romcoms just aren’t it for me anymore.

I started off loving this female heroine but only got to midway episode 6 and putting it on temporary hold because I’ve come to dislike her and the male lead. I’m supposed to support them but I don’t. Female lead doesn’t care about her female characters or female empowered city, and is readily okay with messing up the play world to survive. She sees herself as the only living person and everyone else as in-play characters? I can’t put myself in her shoes when the drama itself makes her personality foolish and only as deep as the rest of the in-play characters.

I can’t agree with the direction of this show. The male lead is planning to invade this city ruled by women for greed, the female lead commits blunders and destroys city rules for his sake, and yet for some reason the drama is framing these other women as bad? I’m supposed to support the leads so the tragedy plays out? Nope.

The city master is a powerful woman that loves her daughters, has objective oversight with prior readiness to appoint the capable 2nd princess (her stepdaugher) as the next city master, and charisma and backbone. Much more likable than the female lead who turns out to be just as spoiled and selfish as the original character she wrote. I hope the drama doesn’t villanize her and 2nd princess to prop up these leads. I hope the story develops the leads better, instead of resorting to this trick.

Basically, I take romcoms too seriously and I can’t turn my brain off to enjoy. I hope to change my mind later about this drama and that I can actually enjoy watching our two leads again like I did at the beginning because right now I don’t.


    It’s adorable. Just enjoy the ride!


      It’s been too long since I’ve watched a pure romcom. It’ll take some effort to not look at it so critically but looking forward to enjoying it once I can just let it go.