The microscope fulfilled its purpose in Wei Yi’ home!!!! 🀣🀣🀣

He got her a new mug and she kissed it! She’s so cute!


    Who’s going to take responsibility for our hearts??? I was wrong in watching 16 episodes straight–very wrong. I spazzed all throughout the night, melted and died several times.


      I spaced it out just a teeny bit more… my heart cannot take all the cute at once. I started three days ago and am currently on episode 15. Just watched the confession scene multiple times!!!! And melted and squeeeeedddd and died…of course… each time. This is my ghost typing. I think I’m going to pause it here and start this episode again tomorrow…and repeat the cycle again….probably multiple times.


      Hueheheheh Fret not 17-20 is in a few days time and we back for more spazzfest! If you get the chance too, do join the live watch over the weekend for the finale! It’s much much much more fun spazzing with spazzmates! 😏