Day 15: Best Drama Villain

This was really hard for me because I was trying to decide between a villain who is logically the better villain, and the other who is one of my favorite characters but not necessarily the better villain. Unsurprisingly both antagonists have a similar trajectory so I clearly have a villain type. But I ultimately went with the illogical choice because I love his character so much and that is Runyu from Ashes of Love.

His character is more than him being the antagonist, he had a full and heartbreaking story. His trajectory from being the sweet and patient Night Deity, to actively working against his brother the main character makes sense. He wasn’t evil for the sake of being evil. He starts out caring and loving his younger brother, but due to the way he is treated, and some horrific and horrible situations he is put through, he turns bitter and hateful. These events jade him and turns him into someone who will fight tooth and nail for the last thing he feels he deserves, the kind woman who showed him compassion and caring. But even that isn’t his and by the end he has turned her into an idea of salvation he is desperate not to lose. He may have been the villain but he broke my heart.

Honorable Mention: Kimura Shunji from Gaksital


    I actually found him pitiful more than ‘evil’….. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was how he used Jin Mi to kill Xu Feng, and then tried to justify it ☹️☹️☹️☹️ The confrontation scene between Run Yu & Jin Mi, though sad, is actually one of my favourite parts of the entire drama. I never questioned whether he loves her or not—I really believe that he does— but his love took a backseat to his own resentful heart the moment he used Jin Mi into manipulating the whole marriage situation in front of Water God and the moment he cooked up the plan to use Jin Mi to kill Xu Feng 😱


      He’s definitely an antagonist but he was never ‘evil’. And he definitely did bad things which is why he was an antagonist. And yes by the end he was more in love with the idea of her than in love with her. He had built up in his mind what it would mean if she loved him and I think he loved that more than her. He felt like he could only achieve happiness through her.