These 2 together make me laugh. They are so adorable and fun together. I love them 😍

#Ancient Detective #Boyfriend and Tender Boy #Protect your chastity

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    Lolol this scene!! I love their (b)romance <3


    Their bromance is the best, purest, and the most adorable!!! I just cannot get enough of the petty jealousy and competitiveness between Wo Huan and 17! One of my favorite delightful moments:


      Ahhhh! I forgot to gif this scene because I loved it so much! I even said I would and then totally forgot. Thank you for reminding me!

      Yes! I love how jealous Wohuan, or Boyfriend as we’ve dubbed him in the discord channel, gets of Shiqi (aka Girlfriend) 😂 we were joking that Boyfriend got his fancy ribbons and braids and nice clothes after Girlfriend returned because he had to actually work for Jian’s affection after she returned.

      I love boyfriends and Jian’s (aka Tender Boy) relationship. It’s totally straight but so sweet and cute how much they do care and love each other. It’s a healthy example of a loving bromance. 😍