I’m in a really strange head space right now and just need an escape. So I’ll try it with this. #30daydramachallange.
1: Favorite KDrama
I don’t think I really have a #1. At this moment I think I’d go with Healer. Not because it’s the best of dramas. But because I comeback to it every time I need something comfortable and familiar or when I just don’t feel like watching any of the dramas on my tbw list
2: Favorite CDrama
Haven’t seen one (I don’t count Put Your Head on My Shoulder cause I never finished it)
3: Favorite JDrama
Hana Kimi
4: First Drama
My Girl – My then roommate (now BFF), decided I needed to watch this drama. We almost got written up by our residence advisor because we were squee-ing too loudly in the middle of the night