#2021RoundUp: Day 23: Best bromance / womance.

SONYEONDAAAN!🏸I saved the best for last: our 7 Racket Kids from Racket Boys!💖

I have never been this interested in other teenagers before, not even when I was one myself! The romances were portrayed in an innocent manner with little skinship because the actors were minors, but the absence of skinship made the use of other love languages shine brighter. Their first loves might not last forever, but these kids already show the potential to be good life partners that I never experienced in my youth.😘

You might have read it between the previous lines, but my teenage years are not exactly a fond memory for many reasons. I suffered many platonical heartbreaks to the point that I questioned the value of friendship, which of course contributed to the already bitter taste of my youth. With that mindset it was hard to understand at first how friendship was the ultimate deciding factor whenever these kids faced badminton dilemmas.

Woo-Chan refused to move to another town because he wanted to stay with his badminton pals. Nerd In-Sol initially played badminton to relieve stress after studying, but joined them to make friends. Airhead Hae-Kang switched sports because his past friends betrayed him and had his conditions for joining the badminton team at first. This adorable little pest quickly got adopted by his teammates and from then on there was no way back for any of them.🤭

This show is a gem worthy of a rewatch and I will always be grateful for what it taught me about relationships, friendships and communities.💖