Alright Drama unpopular opinion time:
Itaewon class
I do not ship SaeRoYi with YiSeo
Main reason, which is a ‘drama pet peeve’ of mine.
Reason in comment


    To start off: I absolutely adore the drama! Love the pace, love the concept, love many of the nuances!
    Why I don’t ship SRY and YS:
    One of the leads is literally 10yrs older and the other is fresh out of high school.
    They meet when she is in HS and she falls for him, hard.
    He already has someone he likes and has liked for over a decade.
    He has made it clear multiple times he only sees her as a partner in business and is indispensable to IC and is basically family now.
    If they do pursue that love line, it will be like pushing puppy love.
    More thoughts later perhaps.
    What do you all think?