Alrightey! Just watched Ep 14 of Itaewon Class!
SRY finally does what I have been fearing for a while.
Geun Soo is still unpredictable.
Geun Won is as predictable as always.
Spoilers in comments


    Potential Unpopular Opinion alert: midday musings.
    While I totally get why SRY is now attracted to YS, I still have a hard time shipping it.
    Perhaps I am still too mindful of the age gap. It does admittedly become much less of an issue after the time jumps.
    17 yr old and 27 yr old : nope
    18 yr old and 28 yr old is very iffy.
    22 yr old and 32 yr old is less iffy.
    25 yr old and 35 yr old ok !
    But this is subjective (except the minor one, which is just NOPE!)
    Don’t get me wrong, I love YS’s character! I love that she is a very strong female lead.
    I just wish we had more to her except everything that she does for the male lead.
    Like, take away SRY and we don’t have much about her anymore.
    e.g.: We have the ex-gangster, the one trying to find his family, the LGBTQ+ (which thankfully was very well handled! Go Hyun Yi! you’re the best! love her support for YS too), the second son, the spoiled brat and more.
    I guess that would make YS the ex-sociopath?
    I’m sorry, I don’t know why this one case is bothering me out of the literal 100s of dramas I have seen.
    Perhaps I expect too much from dramas now.
    Perhaps what doesn’t sit well with me is that the only reason that SRY is looking at her as a woman now is after 4ish years of her doing everything for him. She was already close to him as a DanBam family member and he loved her as one.
    Can we have one drama where they don’t have to have love line fulfillment for everyone all the time?
    In my ideal scenario: YS’s love for SRY morphs into platonic love and SRY continues to have familial love for her as he does for the other DanBam family.
    I’m not saying that SooAh should end with SRY. But theirs would be a slightly more than platonic love, history and all.
    I used to ship Geun Soo with YS, that is until he went over to the dark side.
    How do I just not have ships in this drama! I would be completely satisfied even if this drama ended with no ships sailing.