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I can’t believe Vincenzo made that kind of mistake 😲😕
Is that part of the plan?


I’ve just read the news on Haruma Miura and its so so sad 😢😢😢


I’m not sure if this has been shared here already. I just saw it now on Twitter. Ko Moon-young’s books are being/will be sold in S.Korea.

Here’s the link to the original tweet and here’s the link to the website, for anyone interested 😊


    OMG!!! I hope they release the English translation too <3


    They have it on yes24 and I got so excited only to find out foreigners can’t buy from yes24. Alladin is the same. 🤦‍♀️


      Nope! You can actually purchase from Aladin. I was able to…but i ended up not ordering because shipping was too expensive heh

      Order as a guest, and then click international shipping when you check out


        So it doesnt work if you have an account? Weird. Alladin is hella expensive. I’ll try if yes24 would let me buy as guest. Thank you!


I just finished watching Mystic Pop-up Bar and I bet I’ll miss it. I’ve really enjoyed this drama. For me, it has the right amount of humor, story, and heart. It made me laugh and it made me cry. At the same time, it also allowed me to just enjoy everything – not getting me too involved or worked up while not letting me lose interest – and that’s exactly what I needed.

I anticipated this drama since I first heard about it. I saw the leads in their previous works and I was looking forward to their next project. The premise was interesting. But what really made me want to watch it was its apparent craziness 😆 as seen from the teasers and trailers. I planned on watching it regardless of how it will turn out but I’m glad it turned out well. I only wanted to laugh, but I got so much more.

What I like most about this drama is its cohesiveness 🙏 Every character and every story has a purpose. It was evident that the writer/creators knew exactly what they wanted from the beginning and I really, really appreciate that. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if the grudge of the day wouldn’t be related to the main story. That’s just what I was expecting, and I enjoyed the other dramas that did that. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how the stories were related to the main characters and how they contributed to the plot.

Speaking of those stories, or grudges that needed solving, I like how simple and relatable they are. I love that this drama, although very much a fantasy, presents real human stories. It shows how these “ordinary” problems may actually have a deeper effect on people. The solution, also, doesn’t always have to be supernatural. The show seems to be constantly reminding us to treat others with a little bit more kindness and understanding.

I also like how the show presents different ways of solving their cases. It isn’t always as simple as entering the dream of the person with the grudge. It involves various people and spiritual beings. That’s where most of the fun scenes come in and I was really entertained. I understand that not everyone may appreciate the humor of this drama, but it luckily worked for me 😁 And its take on familiar myths and beliefs are very interesting and funny.

The characters are all so adorable. They are interesting and memorable. I felt like I wanted to be friends with them and join their adventures haha. And the actors were so good. I’ve seen the three leads do melo and comedy before, but this drama showed how effective they can be in both. And they work so well together, I just love watching them. Even the actors in supporting and cameo roles were amazing.

The main story may be simple, but the storytelling made it much more interesting. It made me care for the characters and made me willing to journey with them. There were revelations and mysteries; and although we may have already anticipated certain things, we still gladly welcomed the feeling of being surprised, just like the characters. I think my only issue was the villain, who I was expecting to have a deeper or more serious grudge for his actions to make more sense. But I guess that’s also the point. Since the drama has been showing how simple things could be so important to some people, or how a small act of kindness can mean so much, maybe it was also trying to show how one person’s evil intent can possibly destroy many lives.

Lastly, the drama wasn’t pretentious, which I like. I admit that sometimes my appreciation/ expectation of a drama is affected by how it sells itself. This show didn’t make itself appear grand but ended up making people happy. It also has good special effects, which took much time and hard work, but it didn’t simply rely on that and used it only as a tool, as it should. Maybe these contributed to me enjoying the drama more, but whatever the reason, I’m just glad I found a drama which made me feel good. 😄

I didn’t expect this entry to be this long, I\’m sorry. Well, the bottom line is that this drama brought me happiness and I hope it did the same to you. 😊 Thank you beanies in the recap comments! It was nice having lighthearted discussions. I had fun!


He\’s back!!! 😭😭😍😍😍

I’ve waited so long!
I can’t believe I’m seeing him on my TV again…and for an extended period haha

They\’re both sooooo beautiful! 🤩🤩


I just finished watching The King: Eternal Monarch and here are some of my thoughts [no spoilers]

The story was there. It\’s quite interesting, actually. But I felt that there was a problem with storytelling, with execution. Relating it to math, I think the drama had so many variables. In order to solve that, there has to be a properly laid system of equations. If the setup isn\’t done well, you may still get the same answer, but the calculation would become messy and you may even end up confusing yourself 😕

I think much may still be improved, especially with the pace and how events/scenes/important reveals were spread out throughout the drama. And I\’m not saying this because I didn\’t understand it, as some are quick to conclude 🙄. One may completely understand a drama and may still have issues with it. (One issue I have is in a comment below; others may be in the recap comments haha)

I\’m not a big fan of Kim Eun Sook\’s ability to create a conflict (based on the 5 dramas I\’ve seen of her in the past) but I must say that I\’ve been entertained by her works. I like her ability to create characters and their interesting relationships and funny interactions. But somehow, in this drama I felt that there could be more, like we can squeeze some more out of the characters and their interactions, esp. in the first part.

However, I also don\’t hate The King. Why else would I still finish it? I was intrigued by what things meant and how they are connected so I kept going. Almost every week, I adjusted how I\’d look at the drama and that helped me enjoy it. It\’s good that it has gotten more exciting in the second half. And like many, I love the scenes when time stops 😍 (also, Lee Gon computing on the board and riding Maximus, but that\’s just me haha)

I also think the actors did a good job. I may have concerns with how some characters were developed, but I still appreciate how they portrayed them. And guess who I like the most? 😉

Thank you fun beanies in the recap comments! The wacky discussions, PPL hunting, and spazzing over Woo Do Hwan made watching this drama much more enjoyable. 😊


    (This may contain spoilers)
    One issue I have is on how the minor characters were presented, and their significance. Of course I understand that the show was trying to add some suspense and wanted to distract the viewers so they’ll be surprised once the swapping is revealed (which is already late btw bec so many people have guessed it already), but I think there could’ve been a better way to do that. I bet we’ve all seen it done well before. Maybe, if it has been revealed a bit earlier to the viewers, they would be able to pay attention to these minor characters and the time spent on them would make sense and people may not drop the drama (bec. based on what I’ve been reading, this is one reason of them dropping it) . That would also make Lee Rim’s character and motivation a bit clearer at the start (which I think is another source of problem).


    Thank you too! Just watched ep 16, and found it a bit meh, but this has been altogether a super fun drama, and mostly because of the Beanie comments, wacky theories, and WDH spazzing


      Yeees! The beanie comments definitely made the viewing experience much more fun! 🤗 The crazier, the better hahahaha


My sister is finally watching Chicago Typewriter. It’s one of my favorites but it’s not really her thing so I’m glad she’s watching it now and liking it. Of course, I get to watch too 😁

Below is one memorable scene for me, which understandably is not what people would remember from this drama.

This scene made me admire and root for Han Se Joo as a character (he obviously wasn’t very likeable at the start haha). After burning Yu Jin-oh’s manuscript on the previous episode, this scene made me appreciate Se Joo’s integrity even more and made me feel for him. The way he hesitated to send the email speaks volumes about his work ethic.

I really love how Yoo Ah In acted here. There were no words, no big movements, but the character’s struggle felt very real.


I got to rewatch Crash Landing on You because my family only started watching recently. I think it really is a good one. It proves how great acting can take a drama, that even unrealistic scenes would be believable because of the sincerity in the acting 😊

Among other things of course.

Now aside from being able to check the details I missed the first time, I also had the chance to focus on Gu Seung Joon and Seo Dan’s precious moments together.

And enjoyed seeing the ducklings again 😆


Hi, I’m uzistar 😁 I’m a new member but I’ve been reading Dramabeans posts for years. I really like the recaps & the discussions here. Now that I have a bit more time, I decided to join in the fun 😄
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