I have been having the worst, and I mean the WORST, case of drama slump I’ve ever had. Like nothing keeps my attention and after like 5-10mins I get bored of a drama & don’t feel the need to continue.


    That being said, through this struggle, I managed to binge-watch the 2018 remake of Rich Man, Poor Woman in 2 days and enjoyed every moment of it, so either the drama isn’t as bad as people made it seem or there’s something wrong with me lmao

    Could the acting have been better in some parts? absolutely, but I genuinely enjoyed the ride and wish it was longer


    I get like that from time to time. That’s when I try to watch other tv such as western tv or anime. Or you could rewatch old Kdramas. That helps me sometimes. I tend to watch something again and recognize actors I didn’t know when I originally watched it and then find their other works and fall in love with Kdramas again.