30 day book challenge

2. A book I have read more than 3 times

✨✨This is a no brainer. I still remember the theories, the anticipation before the launch of the final book. I still remember fighting with my lil brother and taking turns to read the book on the first day. Every time I read it, it takes me right back to my childhood. I don’t even skip the camping part of the book. It is such a wholesome, nostalgic experience and signifies the end of an era for me. Once a potterhead, always a potterhead. ✨✨❤️❤️


    Always ❤️️


    The phenomenon of these books at the time was something else. I was at university when this came out and EVERYONE had their own copy and we were all frantically reading it as fast as possible to not be spoiled. I am a super fast reader so I finished way before everyone else and had to read it again while I was waiting for everyone else 😅 It was such a good time.