This is my 12th year being an ELF and Kyuhyun is my ultimate bias. Motivated by my love for Super Junior, I study Korean by myself and now I’ve become pretty fluent. It’s been very convenient because I can participate in their live broadcasts and watch things that is not subbed.

When Kyuhyun made a Youtube channel as a media to communicate more with fans, I decided to contribute Indonesian and English subtitle. Although I didn’t sub everything, sometimes I was too busy and just wanted to go to sleep right after work.

But from now on, I will cut my sleep for subbing he upload. Because he made last Sept 29th the best day of my fangirl life .

Kyuhyun and Super Junior D&E came as guests for Super K-Pop Festival in Jakarta on September 28th and 29th. I came on both days because that was my first time seeing Kyuhyun again after Super Show 6 in 2015. And then this talk happened :

Kyu : Well, I recently made a Youtube channel. And I see some fans input Indonesian subtitles for my videos. Thank you very much for that. I will work harder.

Me, melted, in the crowd. A fangirl dream to be noticed. And it was my birthday (literally). Isn’t it so nice of him to remember mentioning that on the moment he is in Jakarta. I’m still very happy every time I remember that moment.

(I’m confused where to begin this story so, I guess this is the result hahaha)
(P.S. SUPER JUNIOR GRAND COMEBACK, after 9 years of military rotation, is on OCTOBER 14th, 2019!!)