Day 7 – That OST you’re obsessed with

I liked quite a lot of OSTs but CLOY, IONTBO, Hospital Playlist and Nobody knows were a standout, not just the individual OSTs but the complete albums. CLOY and IONTBO were wistful, Hospital Playlist had that famaliar nostalgic vibe that we’re used to from this PD-Writer duo, and Nobody Knows was gritty and heartwarming.

If I had to pick one song though it would be Sunset by Davichi from CLOY! This was my most played song all year (according to spotify) and it’s for a reason. It’s beautiful and has comforted me all year through its melody and words.

(PS: I wish the thumbnail for this video was different, bc I’m still cackling at that particular scene even though we can all agree that gravity is obviously nothing compared to their chemistry LOL)