Day 8 – The OTP you didn’t think you’ll adore.

Mok Haewon and Lim Eunsop.
Mostly because I had my doubts about SKJ, who I wasn’t very fond of prior to this, and therefore didn’t think he and PMY would play off each other well… but I was pleasantly surprised! He was withdrawn and adorably awkward opposite a quiet and reserved PMY, and they fit so well together!


    Plus I loved that he had a huge crush on her!


    They were adorable. I loved how they came together and how they talked about their feelings when they did.


    Well, I’m totally biased by SKJ (in the opposite sense!) and I knew I would love him in the drama.
    But truth is they were fantastic together, and as much as I adore SKJ, I think PMY is the main responsible for that. I haven’t seen a drama in which she doesn’t have an amazing chemistry with her costar.