I got busy with pre-holiday studywork to prep for post-holiday exams, and bingewatching HYENA in my free time, so I’m not all caught up on the #2020roundup. I’ll just condense it all here.

Day 9 – The drama you watched just because and end up loving & Day 10 – The drama beanies convinced you to watch and you can’t be grateful enough (kind of the same question for me, with the same answer).
It being: When the Weather is Nice. I’ve mentioned before how I was apprehensive about SKJ, which is what made me hesitate mostly. But beanies only had good things to say, and I really wanted to also watch Lee Jae-wook and I was curious about PMY in a quiet role. I never start shows with the intention of completing them, I check them out for a while before I decide that. But I fell in love with this show on ep.1 & I’m so glad I gave it a try.

Day 11- The crush you discovered in 2020
HYUN BIN. I know this might be weird. I’ve been watching dramas for years, and this wasn’t even my first time watching him. But damn did I fall hard for him this year. The thing is I was never quite taken with him, because all his drama roles were sort of a variation of the same chaebol/ manchild archetype, and that never really allowed him to show his softer, affable side that I liked most about him. But through his Ri Jeong-hyuk, I went through some Hyun Bin fever for like half of this year LOL. I do hope CLOY was the beginning of him taking on more of those types of characters, they suit him so well 💖

Day 12 – The “oldie” (not 2020) you loved the most.
My Name is Kim Sam-soon, I had put it off for so long & this year was as good a time as any for the reasons stated above. I loved it, it was perfect and stood the test of time. Truly a classic. And I gotta give this one to Kim Sun-ah, she was amazing.

Day 13 – Most fashionable / elegant character in a drama
Ko Moonyoung. Not only did she wear it well, she was perfectly dramatic & we all know drama is the best accessory, it adds a certain flair to an outfit.

Day 14 – The drama that could have been but wasn’t… (if only they listened to beanies!)
Moment of silence for A Piece of Your Mind. I found its first half atrocious and a bit problematic, but I was disappointed to see it cut off prematurely as the second half actually made sense and was quite a nice warm vibe. And I really like JHI and CSB as a couple.


    Sending you major hugs for SamSoon and for joining the HB beanie fan club 😍🥰😍 SamSoon changed my life 😁