Day 15 – Those secondary characters you will never forget: SL, villain, kids…(for better or worse).
The Ducklings! Such a fun bunch that ended up becoming the best brothers to Yoon Seri. They all had distinct personalities, but were also distinct as a unit & they were hilarious together.

Day 16 – Best quote / oneliner.
“That lousy capitalist heart!” – Ri Jeonghyuk/ Hyun Bin, CLOY (2020)

Will forever have me howling with laughter.
There are a lot of poignant quotes from CLOY & IONTBO that come to mind, but that one is just too ICONIC. The words, the delivery *chef’s kiss*

Day 17 – The drama that made you emotional.
It’s Okay Not To Be Okay: really managed not to just tap into our feelings of empathy for the characters, but also engaged our own feelings on a personal level, because of how relatable the emotions were. While the characters faced their own set of hardships, we could all relate to having A hardship & experiencing similar emotions. Which was incredibly cathartic for me as I cried & laughed with AND for them. THIS is a prime example of how you make a “healing” drama & it was exactly I needed in middle of this pandemic. 💖

(I’m skipping Day 18 because there’s not that much to rant about. I loved the dramas that I loved & I’ve talked at length about them, and the ones I hated are not worth that much of my energy lol)