The angst in RUN ON tonight was DELICIOUSSSS! 😭😭💖💖

“You can teach me everything else, but can you not teach me how to break up?”

We was cryiiiing in da club,fam! Figuratively. 😭💔
Also, I’m pretty sure Mijoo was just gonna let that kid’s aunt know Seongyeom was there or something & not running from him. Poor Puppy.
And is that some sexy times they’re promising us next ep? Cuz thank fuck, not a moment too soon eh.

On a serious note, I really understand Mijoo’s reasoning this time. Her pulling away is her coping mechanism to protect herself from getting hurt *first.* And while she hurt KSG by doing that, the masochist part in me absolutely ENJOYED watching him beg her to stay. 🙊


    Was like, Mi-joo, you made him cry, how could you! >< And yea, I think Mi-joo was juts going to call Su-bin…
    Am seeing the promise of ramyeon everywhere this week! *wolf howl*


    It’s a little weird, but when I watched the last scene I thought, I wonder if anyone has ever begged Mi-joo for anything before. Usually it’s Mi-joo hustling for the work, getting the scholarship, taking the envelope (maybe with reluctance but also with need). It’s Mi-joo doing the asking, with her hand out – often because she’s pragmatic and needs to survive. And here was this beautiful scene of someone that she loves, loving her back so much that he is begging, showing her his pain, giving her all the power, because she means that much to him. In light of her struggles with the very real class dynamic between them, I wonder how that lands with her. But I could also be reading a bit too much into what is otherwise a romantic drama moment. 😉


      Oh no, I think you’re quite right! While i’m using the word “beg” here because he was literally clinging onto her (which made for a great dramatic effect and all), I very much see it as Seongyeom asserting himself & putting all his cards on the table. I was so proud of him for displaying that level of vulnerability, it was very brave on his part. He’s come a long way!

      And like you, I also think it meant a lot to Mijoo, bc SG was stating it plain and simple that he wants her in his life. There was no room for interpretation like the way he so often speaks & no room for misunderstaning. For Mijoo, who feels like she was abandonned bc of losing her parents, and who’s been treated less than and disposable all her life, SG words & actions must’ve been major.
      I also think in that moment, she realized how much he was hurting bc of her words/actions earlier


        Yes, I completely agree with you! He really has come a long way. There was so much packed into this scene, as you have so well noted, actually. But it’s just always so subtly done, it never slaps you across the face with it’s obviousness. I love it.


    I can’t even hate Mijoo for choosing herself over the pain. I also enjoyed watching SG beg.


    Sun kyum has changed so much from the first we have seen him. Him asserting himself at the beginning telling mijoo what she did wrong and what hurt him and being selfish in the last scene begging mijoo to get back together. Because now he knows what he wants for himself and what brings him happiness. So proud of him.