I broke my toe on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Scroll down fir the grisly details.


    I slipped on a wet floor.

    My arms go up, flailing in the air. My feet go skidding. I land on my but* and back. And the whole thing is so SLOW, it’s so odd.

    I think, This can’t be happening to me, and then I go down, like a sack of potatoes. I scream – croak, rather – I havenn’t drunk my coffee yet, see – and my cool guy rushes out of the bathroom – he was showering happily (I heard him humming), but, yeah, I put a stop to that. He wrenches open the door, and I lie there, and wheeze, “Pain.” I think I have broken my back it is so painful. And my toe is numb, for some reason, and clicking like crazy. It goes, CLICK CLICK CLICK when I flex it.

    So my cool guy squats down next to me, and he’s panicking, and saying, “Oh, God, can you get up? Let me help you up,”

    And I whisper, “Don’t. Touch. Me. Pain. Pain.”

    He squats there and talks to me, and strokes my head, and says worriedly, “Okay, lie there for a bit, and when you’re ready, I’ll help you up.”

    I lie there for ten minutes. After a while, the pain recedes. But my toe feels weird. Like it has died. My cool guy helps me up, I’m like hoisting myself up on him, and he’s holding me steady, and when I’m sitting up, I stare at my toe and it looks funny. It’s sunk down, several degrees lower than its neighbours, and it’s like limp and floppy. I shuffle to an armchair, and my toe wobbles like crazy, and it goes CLICK CLICK CLICK.

    I say to Cool Guy, “I think it’s broken. In fact, I am positive it is broken.”

    He blanches. “Maybe it’s sprained.”

    “It’s clicking like crazy. Can you hear it clicking?”

    “No,” he says, looking, well, sick. “Just sit there, and maybe it’ll stop clicking.”

    “And it’s wobbling,” I say. “Like it’s loose.”

    “Okay,” he says. His face is pale. “Let’s go to hospital.”

    All the way, he keeps stroking my hand, and saying, “Sorry.” As if it is his fault.

    So we go to hospital, and I have a bunch of X-rays taken – six, altogether – and I am lying down and the hot X-ray guy is positioning me carefully when my hospital gown falls open at my thighs – I shouldn’t have made that comment about Oppa’s legs, karma and all that – and holy mackeral, I am so embarrassed, and I’m tugging at it, and it fallls open even wider, and Hot X-ray guy kindly adjusts my gown for me, and I stare at the ceiling and I wanna die of shame.

    I sleep in pain that night.

    Next morning, I wake up to Valentine’s Day.

    Cool Guy fusses over me. Ruffles my hair. Hugs me.

    “Ouch,” I grumble.

    “Sorry,” he murmurs, looking upset.

    “Where are my roses?” I snarl.

    “I planted a pot of roses for you,” he smiles.

    “You’re kidding, right.” My broken toe quivers down yonder.

    “I swear I did.” He is grinning. “But it won’t bloom. So there’s only a bunch of leaves…” He looks sheepish.

    Today, I watch Forest.

    Cool Guy comes home with my favourite dry noodle takeaway.

    I scream so loud he jumps.

    “This drama is so dumb,” I say through clenched teeth.

    “You must be feeling better,” he says mildly. “To scream like that.”


      I went from
      😱 so scary. to
      😬 sounds bad. to
      😟 poor Cool Guy, he must be scared too. to
      🥺 poor YY. That must have hurt so bad. to
      😌 good. She felt better. to
      ☺ Awww… Cool Guy so cool! to
      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 at the ending.

      Thanks, YY. Really glad you feel better!


      Ouch! I sprained a toe a few months ago and that was bad enough. The Oppa Law forced me to watch a drama that shall not be named during the fall and I just can’t do it again so soon. I tried to watch in solidarity, but … no.


      Happy Valentines Day! You know, between my nurse, me, my dad, and now you, I’ve personally known more people who went to the ER in these 3 weeks than I ever have.


        Ally, I actually thought of you, and @azzo1 falling down, sitting there glumly waiting for the X-ray guy to summon me.


          At least I didn’t break my wrist, I did need a brace for 10 days but it’s okay now, all well!

          I keep imagining your toe in a tiny toe-cast, maybe you should make your Cool Guy draw on it to make you feel all better!


            Did you sprain your wrist? I thought of you falling, you know…all these things went through my head when I was waiting at the X-ray room.


            Yes, my last, most recent fall, sprained my wrist and had the same hand scratched, got some bruises on my leg! My hand is all better now but my bruises never heal fast!

            Aww, that’s sweet of you to think of us at that time!


      @yyishere thank you for this story – but I’m so sorry about your toe! I fell and broke my knee in 2004 and to this day I hear that internal crack sound and the PAIN. But a toe sounds awful.

      Despite all that, your writing is truly so much fun to read. Cool Guy is amazing – and the fact that he PLANTED a rose for you???? DAEBAK!!!!!

      I watched Forest the other night and now I can’t even remember what I watched, but my eyes were sore from all the rolling around my head…

      anyway – take care (I know you are taking care of yourself -duh) but I’m glad you have Cool Guy to help you take care of yourself and your toe.


        You are so sweet. Thank you. Oppa has a bizarre kiss scene in Episode 12. You gotta watch it.


          🤔 A kiss scene! From Oppa! Yet, it’s bizarre…. 🤔🤨


          I watched it and yes it was totally bizarre. But then this show is all kinds of bizarre…
          Waiting for the time when he realizes this land is amazing and should NOT be developed – then it will be interesting.
          But for now it is weirdly and rivetingly is that a real word? bizarre – and I can’t stop watching.


      Oh, YY, I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you! You didn’t need a wild story to share with us, just a lovely normal Valentines Day 🙁 Good luck with the asymmetrical walking, I hope the 8 weeks will fly by!


      *Hugs* YY for the slipping and the pain
      *More hugs* for the broken toe
      *Some extra Hugs* for the infuriating watch
      Love you 💜💙💚💛♥️💖❤️💝
      Get well soon


      Ow, ow!
      That must’ve hurt really bad, I’m sorry this happened on Valentine’s day!
      But aww, he planted you a pot of roses, how cute is that! Hope you feel better soon!


        It still hurts, and I keep wondering how the bones are going to heal, like do they fuse back together? And it kind of rattles when I remove my strap…I have to take it out when I shower. It hurts when I stand too long in one position, and it hurts worse when I climb up and down the stairs. Walking isn’t that bad, because I can limp, and it’s okay if it’s on even surface. But climbing up and down the stairs is hard. Who knew that one toe would impact me so much? I have to plot my movements to minimise using my foot…lol…but the best thing ever is to lie down and put up the foot.


          That sounds so uncomfortable, I feel for you YY. As far as I know, it takes 5 to 6 weeks for broken toes to heal (I have some experience), hoping for a speedy recovery!


    Jo Boa is dancing like she’s high on helium. I unleash a stream of expletives.

    “You know, you can always NOT watch it,” he says kindly.

    “You don’t understand,” I say peevishly. “It is the Oppa Law. I have to watch it.”

    “Uh. Okay.” He blinks.

    “I cannot unwatch it. I have no choice.” I jab a finger in the air. My broken toe trembles with outrage. “It is driving me nuts.”

    “Okay, babe. As long as you’re okay.” He hugs me tentatively. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”