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It’s one thing to like a drama the first time around, but which dramas are so good we’d go back for a second helping? Today we chat about some of our old favorite dramas, and also which ones we loved that we would NOT sit through again.

Wanna jump around? We briefly touched upon these dramas:

2:28 — You’re Beautiful
3:25 — Healer
4:10 — City Hunter
4:25 — School 2013
5:08 — Shut Up Flower Boy Band
6:00 — Dream High
6:50 — Monstar
7:30 — Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
7:48 — K-dramas we loved but would NOT watch again

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Yes, Healer! One of my first Kdrama loves. That hand-holding moment at the end of the movie date will never get old.

And I totally agree about rewatching just the cute couple moments from Do Bong Soon. I did that when it first came out, and those are the only parts I would watch again. Wish that writer could take that magic and put it into a less cartoonish drama.


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