My Fellow Citizens Ep 2 (3-4):-

HAHAHAHA that old man saving scene. STAHP! Other than such laugh out loud moments, this show also has so much understated humor, I cannot. I also just cannot stress enough how refreshingly all the characters in this drama have been constructed. I like all of them, though I am a little sad (& a little worried) that the villainess & the ML’s antics overshadowed the FL in this ep. Please show me more of why our FL is the FL in this crazy story lest I start shipping the villainess with the ML.


    Sorry to be so prescriptivist here, especially as a linguist…😅 but I’m guessing you mean ‘villainess’, as in a female villain, instead of ‘villainous’?
    I kept looking for a noun after each time you mentioned ‘villainous’ and didn’t find it and thought it was finally time to renew my eyeglass prescription!😅