First thoughts on Rookie Historian:

Episodes watched: 5

Thankfully for a sageuk the political shenanigans are on the low. I am loving our band of female historians and I am patiently waiting to see if the feisty historian (not GHR) is evil or nah. Her ‘hand touching’ scene with the crown prince was an ‘aha something is happening here’ moment.

Speaking of the Crown Prince have we ever seen such a lovely big brother? He is not the jealous manipulative kind and seems to genuinely care for his people! I am rooting for him.

The most…cough…boring…cough…character is our Prince Dowon, unfortunately. The only interesting thing about him is he is a wannabe romance author but I feel he is not really pulling his weight. Acting wise. And also why is he separated from everyone in the palace? Do we already know? Have I not been paying attention?

In re to our heroine, I like her. She is…umm…okay. I mean we have seen a lot of feisty females in period dramas. So nothing new here.