Re: Children of Nobody / Red Moon, Blue Sun finale

I regret live-watching. Lol, random thing, but while I meant to watch, sleep, then wake up in time to comment w/ everyone else, I ended up being so haunted I stayed up the whole night struggling to put my feelings into words. I am still struggling lol, but I figure I need to get my biggest complaint out of the way first.

There were many things I loved about this ep, and some things I didn’t. Unfortunately, my opinion on this as an episode is dwarfed by how dissatisfied I am with it as an ending.

So much time was spent ‘solving’ the 2 mysteries everyone had already figured out, while other plot threads were brushed over or ignored. The writer seemed more invested in making the drama’s moral themes come full-circle than its characters’ trajectories. It irks me even more bc they took their sweet time getting here, only to attempt a hasty wrap up in the last 20 min. I wasn’t waiting for a well-rounded ending, but I certainly didn’t expect to feel like someone had hung up on me mid-conversation.

I’ve always said JH was my fave, but now I wonder if he’s the writer’s too, bc he’s really the only character whose arc came to somewhat of a conclusion. Is everything going to be okay with SY just bc JH told her not to meet her brother alone? Is Eun Seo’s dad seriously gonna leave her in WK’s custody? And red herrings are fair play, but you can’t just pretend they never existed. Was there no investigation at all into Haemil????

Most of all, I cannot stand how we left WK possibly more broken than she was at the end of the first episode. Like, sure, she hung onto her morals. She’s trying to see where the future takes her. But she’s still suffering, on the outside looking in as the rest of her family heals without her.

Honestly, I think I would’ve been happier if they’d ended the ep when JH asked her about her stepmother and she said that life is full of possibilities. But they just had to put her walking away with that eerie music to insert that sad and disturbing title drop, and I just…argh. I did not go through all these episodes just to end with WK as isolated and haunted as ever, okay.

I need her in therapy.

With a non-manipulative therapist.

OG!SK does not qualify.


    I thought it was going to end as Cha Woo Kyung becoming the next Red Cry…which would have been much more interesting than the “safe” actual ending.