Ah, the questions….. + theory time!


    – what is the significance of the sunflower? why did JS bring the pendant to where she thinks SM will try to commit murder?
    —Facts: sunflower is very treasured by Jisoo -pendant and sunflower pot she took with her to work in the rural police station; Jisoo treasures SM
    –Theory: Sunflower is something she could use to convince SM not to kill…. (only reason I can think of for her to bring it to the station)

    Question + facts
    – why did SM’s mother try to commit suicide knowing the owner of the identities she used were murdered?
    – why was SM’sM not willing to say that she saw SM during the time of her hiding?
    – who is Mr. VIP (person who ordered to kill the 2 ladies)?
    -SM’sM mentioned that she’s die if SM were to kill people
    -SM’sM tried to commit suicide knowing the ladies died because of her
    -Mr. M told mother that he was not the murderer nor arson-er of the apartment case
    -Mother trusts Mr. Kim and contacts him for protection
    – Since Mother trusts Kim, and she trust SM, Kim must have been introduced to her by SM. The one that order’s Kim to protect mother has to be Mr. VIP, SM. Mother knows this and therefore believes SM is linked to murder of the 2 ladies. Which is why she tried to die: so that SM can stop trying to protect her and at the expense of the lives of others. Denying contact with SM is a way to protect this secret so that SM will not be linked to ordering murder. Hearing from Mr. M about apartment case increases suspicion that SM has killed people (even though I still do not and will not believe this!!!!)

    – why is Mr. M so persistent about SM’s M?
    – both Mr. M and SM have Alexithymia
    – First time (?) SM smiled was because of JaeIn when she smiled at him
    – we are hinted that SM have emotions for JI, although I doubt its romantic
    – we are shown of a young girl (probably SM’sM) smiling at Mr. M
    – But Mr. M at the hospital said “I am still a monster” after he hypothesized that its mother’s love that gave SM some emotions
    – The first time you show kindness to someone with Alexithymia, especially via a genuine smile, locked up emotions in them are triggered which perhaps fools said person that they have a special feeling towards the person that caused them to feel “human”. First person that made Mr. M feel cared for (via the smile) was SM’sM. I’m guessing that he likes to feel “human” too? which is why he is so persistent with SM’sM because he hopes to feel that way again… but he says “I am still a monster”… meaning he feels that spending time with SM’sM will change him in some way? but he needs to stay by her. I don’t really think he Loves her… but she was just someone able to make him smile….

    -Live bird in cage, Versus, wired bird in cage
    -live bird has life, wired bird does not. Live bird has feelings, wired bird does not
    -Mr. M mentioned SM is “taming” Ahn


      (1) live bird is SM (who has now developed some emotions, these emotions are still caged up)
      Wired bird in cage is Mr. M (nothing living in him whatsoever)
      (2) Live bird is Ahn in SM’s cage. bird is alive to show have feelings: Ahn’s brotherly love for Hyung.
      Wired bird in cage is Mother. Bird is wired, having no emotions for Mr. M.