I finished watching the last 6 episodes of My Ajusshi. I needed to take a moment to take it all in and share some of my thoughts about the show:

☆ First, Über happy with the show. It was heartfelt and thought provoking. It was indeed a healing drama. Almost everyone were at a better place at the end of the show. Even Kwang-il got a redemption arc.

♧ Except for Joon Young below:

◇ Dong Hoon’s brothers personal lives were resolved for the better. Also Jung Hee ended up not completely alone since she found someone to spend family holidays with.

◇ Re: Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s marriage, it was over from the start of the show. I didn’t root for them to get back together and if the writer chose to go that route I would’ve flipped a table. Dong Hoon knew that YH wants out. For me, DH just needed time to deal with it and find his bearings.

◇ That scene when Dong Hoon was at his apartment eating alone after YH flew to visit JS. It was heartbreaking since its the realization of his worst nightmare. I wanted to hug him and echo JA’s words “Hang in there!”

☆ So definitely glad that he found the courage to start up his own company. It meant that he chose to live his life and be happy.

◇ And that last scene I really liked because its so full of hope. DH and JA both look radiant. Healthier and happier version of themselves who are living their lives to their full potential. DH looked really happy to see JA. And JA looks still inlove with DH.


    I know the ending had a lot interpretations, for some people it was their goodbye to one another to move on happily with their lives, but to me it meant a new chapter in their relationship. To me it meant DH was finally letting his guard down and let himself feel what he used to think it was inappropriate.

    Even though their relationship was never defined I had to roll my eyes when some people kept insisting their relationship was like father/daughter. Like we were again and again reminded of how JA loved him through her words and actions, so to me it was definitely a subtle love story.

    I could write about MA for days and never get bored. That show truly healed my soul.


      For me it was the start of a new chapter of their relationship. they were by no means like father/daughter. JA has romantic feelings for DH. DH was in a difficult spot so was not able to take the relationship further when he himself were having problems in his own life. But it eas obvious that DH deeply cares for JA as well.
      That last scene for me was DH taking the first step to pursue a real telationship with her.
      MA is a subtle love story and there is nothing wrong for DH to love again.