Comments on Extraordinary You Episode 13:

– This episode literally had no progress whatsoever from last episode. And that disappoints me. No show, I cannot be fooled.
– More Lee Do-Hwa please.
– I like that Joo-Da is self aware but why does she tell Do-Hwa : “wait for me”. I know she can’t change her fate but be a bit more clear with your feelings. It’s not fair to Do-Hwa. (protect this loyal baby at all costs!)
– I know there are a lot of Bae Kyung fans out there, and I understand how hard it is on him, but STOP being so forceful on Dan-Oh. She DOESN’T HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU. She’s made it so clear to him. I feel sad but it’s off-putting. I don’t see a chance and I dont see romance.
– I like that Dan-Oh is being brave and isn’t going the self-pity route.
– It was supposed to be cute and funny Haru being overprotective and not something to look too much into but I kinda wished he would’ve been more natural with her. It’s obviously what she would have wanted.
– I said it again, but Dan-Oh being brave and not needing anyone to do anything for her is just YES.


    Also, Nam Joo is living in his own world and I need him to be self-aware. HAHAHAAHAHA. Props to the actor for putting up with the cringey cheesiness hahahahaha.