Drama-marathon update, and some thoughts.


    I have finished Hwayugi and I LOVED the ending.
    I should make it clear though that had the penultimate episode been the ending I would have hated it. Not because of what happened but because everything was poorly executed. We weren’t told HOW SM was supposed to kill the dragon alone, this especially ruined the tension of that scene for me because I didn’t understand what was supposed to happen.
    And when OG came it was so natural and in line with what had happened every time until then that it completely deprived the scene of any feeling of sacrifice.

    THEN the last episode happened, to drive in the point that these are immortals. These poeple don’t play by the rules of our world.
    When he gave her his eye and said now I will be able to find you I laughed out loud. It was so typical of him. Even MW didn’t find it impossible when he heard about it. He thought it typical of him too!

    I finished the drama feeling exhilirated and satisfied. And that is a keeper in my book.


    My thoughts on the Hong sisters.
    I have been a fan of their dramas for over a decade now, and have watched and rewatched most of them many many times.
    I have to say this, that although I LOVE watching their dramas I nearly never like neither the characters nor the storylines. But they still manage to keep me pinned in front of the screen.

    The only drama of theirs that I love thoroughly including the characters and the storyline is My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. And I’m gonna be completely honest and say that LSG and SMA might have everything to do with that.

    I have watched Delightful Girl Chun Hyang maybe 50 times and still the only character that I love is Ji-hyuk who was just a friend and a side-character. I LOVE My Girl and Best Love TO PIECES but the only characters that I love in one is the male lead and in the other the two managers. I don’t like anything in Master’s Sun, You are Beautiful, or Fantasy Couple. But I have STILL rewatched them all maybe fifty times.

    That is why I never expect to love their characters or the storylines. Their genius is in their wit, their dialogues, their social commentary, their one-liners, their knot-making (seriously! Everything is related, and is designed to pull the knot a little bit tighter!)
    I LOVE how their mind works. I don’t need to like the story to laugh out loud at it. They are girls after my own heart.

    I laughed with Hwayugi so much that my face and my stomache hurt, and I loved more than 2 of its characters. That is much more than enough for me, and I’m happy.


    My final thoughts are on LSG.
    I don’t know what acting classes he has taken during military service but can he sign up 90 percent of the younger actors for it??
    I mean, I have always loved him a LOT, but I have been the first to admit that his line delivery and his timing aren’t perfect. I usually tried to close my eyes on it and just enjoy him.
    But in Hwayugi his line delivery was PERFECT! I can even say he has gotten quite on par with CSW who in my mind is a master in timing and delivery.

    So again, I enjoyed Hwayugi much much more than I had expected. And if any beanie has gotten this far in my fangirly rambling I should say thank you for reading 🙂


      LSG is my ultimate bias. So yes, I agree! *heart emoticon* The post military LSG is the best! *hearts*