Found a review for My Strange Hero in my phone notes. Wanted to delete it, decided to post it here first.


    What I love about My Strange Hero (on rewatch):

    1. YSH’s voice
    2. YSH’s hands
    3.YSH’s incredible dramatic and comedic acting
    4.YSH’s ultra-natural mannerisms and timing. He is one of the best actors ever!
    5. The school kids and their backstories and their interactions with YSH.
    6. His mother (this actress is the queen mother of all mothers)
    7. His co-workers/friends
    8. His old teacher

    What I dislike (and ff through) about MSH:
    1. YSH acting cute (I dislike any actor over the age of 18 acting cute. This is not a slight towards YSH)
    2. The school politics
    3. The teachers
    4. The mothers
    5. There were a few more, but I hadn’t finished my thoughts and they were quite jumbled. So I’ll just leave them out…

    What I dislike in the beginning but come to like a lot in the end on every rewatch:
    1. Oh Se Ho
    2. Lee Chae Min
    (And yes, I do keep rewatching shows while loving less than half of them)
    3. Again the list wasn’t completed, but my life got very hectic recently and I forgot to finish this while still in the heat of the show.