100 Days My Prince was my first sageuk of the year and, although I loved it, I did feel like it was missing a little Oomph! at the end. But still, I got a happy ending and a final “Oh-ho”, so I can say that I’m satisfied.


    I really loved Seven Day Queen last year, it hurt good, and I hadn’t really been interested in another sageuk until 100DMP came along. I liked the premise and I really wanted to see D.O. in a starring drama role, especially since it was a romance. I liked his performances in It’s Okay, That’s Love and in I Remember You. I also liked Nam Ji-hyun in Shopping King Louis and although Suspicious Partner ran a little too long for me, she also left a memorable impression. I think they both did a great job in their respective roles and as a couple! That is why I was a little baffled that they were apart for most of the finale. The bad guy got his comeuppance, the war was settled, the kingdom was back in order. We got bromance, we got flashbacks, there was a baby, someone is pregnant, all these bows were tied, but our couple was separated throughout! Was I the only one uncomfortable? (That doesn’t get old right?, lol). I sort of get what they were trying to do, sort of! I mean I personally wish someone writes me a love letter like in the olden days, so when she read his diary with only thoughts of her, I’ll admit I swooned a bit, but would’ve it been that hard to write one scene of their lives in the palace, sigh. I did love the show though. I personally like the writing and directing. The cinematography was beautiful, the instrumentals were beautiful, D.O. was beautiful (I want his skincare routine, honestly). Overall, I had a good time watching this drama and it will remain as one of the better ones I’ve seen this year:)