Designated Survivor Ep #12

I’m not sure which is more frightening in this world today. An idiot showing signs of dementia in one of the most powerful positions in the world. And through his idiocy has the wherewithal to drive the world into WWIII.

Or, a leader who wants to rule, ruthlessly through fear and power.

Give me a leader who has a sense of decency, compassion, and is just. Someone who knows his/her own failings but wants to make things right no matter what the cost.
A leader who has integrity!

Loving this show – but also afraid at how it seems to be reflecting our current global situation.

Secretary Cha has gone from idealistic, to threatening, to suspicious and now back to sweet and adoring his pick for president.


    Yes this show messed up me so badly. As much as it has been entertaining and keeping me on the edge, I had a hard time rooting for anyone in the show, because they all did something that I found unacceptable (either stupid or cruel) in their so important roles in the mutual political chess. I guess it’s how politics and politicians are, brilliant but shady, honorable but also abhorrent.