• Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 5-6

    Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 5-6

    In the webtoon field, aspiring artists and passionate producers alike have lofty dreams. However, it takes more than just optimism and hard work to achieve success, and it's all too...

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    Big Mouth: Episodes 5-6

    Confusion, hallucinations, death threats, and more murders — things get even darker this week in Gucheon. Luckily, our leads are the light at the story’s center once they decide to...

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    In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

    Our time with the beloved Wooga Squad comes to an end with plenty of laughs and shenanigans to round out this short but sweet friendship getaway. I didn't think it...

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    If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 1-2

    Ji Chang-wook is back in a lovely healing drama from KBS about a lost ex-convict who joins a team of hospice workers that grants final wishes to dying patients. I...



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  • [Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

    [Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

    Released: 2005 Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama Synopsis: Kim Sam-soon (Kim Sun-ah) is a talented pastry chef whose professional and dating lives have taken a turn for the worse. When she meets...

  • [Drama chat] That pesky Truck of Doom

    [Drama chat] That pesky Truck of Doom

    Nary a drama goes by without a character — primary, secondary, tertiary, expendable — having some sort of interlude with the Truck of Doom. For if ever there is a crosswalk there...