• Alice: Episode 7

    Alice: Episode 7

    When concepts like time travel and alternate universes are involved, getting answers can often lead to even more questions. Our stolid cop and his professor are getting closer to the...

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    Do You Like Brahms: Episodes 7-8 Open Thread

    Feelings are out in the open, but that doesn't make navigating them any easier. In addition to the complications that come from past relationships, our leads have to cope with...

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    Flower of Evil: Episode 15

    It's amazing that our antihero still has his sanity after everything he's been through. He's managed to hold onto his humanity for so long, but with every blow, his grip...

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    Forest of Secrets 2: Episode 11

    Things start moving fast once a witness enters the picture and purports to be able to identify the culprit. Everyone is desperate for a break in the case, but his...


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