• Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 9-10

    Link: Eat, Love, Kill: Episodes 9-10

    There’s progress on multiple fronts this week as our couple takes a step closer to each other and more clues to their past are revealed. The reunited classmates all...

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    Five drama recommendations… with unique professions

    Dramaland loves to use a character's profession as a way to give heroes their mountains to climb and battles to win. Admittedly, dramas are not always creative with their choice...

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    Doctor Lawyer: Episodes 9-10

    It's one step forward, one step back — our protagonists finds themselves thwarted yet again. Still, the cracks in the enemy's armor are beginning to show, and that might just be...

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    Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 5-6

    This week on Alchemy of Souls, our hero faces disillusionment and doubt — and his assassin mentor’s tough-love attitude might not be enough to pull him out of the doldrums....



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