• Youth of May: Episodes 1-2 Open Thread

    Youth of May: Episodes 1-2 Open Thread

    We’ve got a new drama in town, and boy, am I happy to see it. I’ve been waiting for retro romance Youth of May to come around for...

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    Dark Hole: Episodes 1-2 (Review)

    Ready to jump into a Dark Hole? OCN's latest thriller is just that, in all senses of the word. It's creepy, it's confusing, it's full of characters and their demons,...

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    Vincenzo: Episode 19

    The end is nigh, and our adversaries are done playing games. Our lead sets his final plans into motion, preparing to take out his enemies one by one. On the...

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    Sell Your Haunted House: Episode 6

    There's a little bit of friction between our leads this episode, but our exorcist gets the push she needs to start coming out of her shell and together they try...


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