“The most memorable line was “I should have hugged her because she must have been in pain” while comforting Gil-chae who confessed her wounds. It was a line that made me cry and gave me a warm feeling from the first time I received the script. As an actor, I was worried a lot about how to express myself, but I want to give strength to those who are having a hard time and are tired.I acted with the mindset that I wanted it to happen, and I remember it the most because it seemed like a line that clearly conveyed Jang Hyun’s sincerity. Thank you to the viewers who listened to and loved Jang Hyun’s story. I will come back with a better appearance and better acting in my next work.”
Namkoong Min


    Namkoong Min made all his fans so proud. ❤ 👏


      Yes, he did. 😍
      At the time I read somewhere that the hug was as the writer wanted to hug all those women from that time. I went further and wrote here that it felt as NKM wanted to hug all those that experience hardship and who needs therapy when you have NKM comfort you. It was nice to see that, out of all of his memorable lines, he placed so much thought into this one.
      Where is my champaign? I feel like celebrating, damn it! They made it both alive! 🤣🤣🤣

      P.S. I meant to write you back but rl kept me busy. I absolutely love our food and drinks jokes, so please continue. What I tried to say and I failed I guess, is that I love our conversations also and to thank you for taking your time to chat with me.


        🥂 🍾 🥂 🍫 🎂
        🎊  🥳  🎉

        Let us eat, drink and be merry!! Champagne, chocolate and cake. Cannot go wrong with that. 😄

        Let us sit back on our sofas 🛋 and chat! I love chatting with you. And thank you too for taking the time to talk to me.

        First order of business, a gold medal🎖for the writer. She indeed played with all of us on all levels. 🤣

        You know now, after watching the entire drama, I had a face palm moment 🤦‍♀️ that in a show about survival how can she kill the leads. The “ending” was right there, staring at our faces and we didn’t see. Like perhaps many others, I too had somewhat psyched myself to accept a perhaps at best somewhat unhappy ending and at worst an everybody dies ending. But did she laugh out loud at ALL of us. While I was somewhat stunned by the amnesia once more trip, I cannot confess to be anything but pleased as a punch at the ethereal ending. That last scene was poetic and beautiful and life affirming. I never knew a hug can be so powerful.

        The other powerful hug scene is of course what Namkoong Min spoke about. I have seen K-dramas handle the topic of returning women in Joseon with varying levels of sensitivity. Tomorrow, Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist and Stealer: The Treasure Keeper are amongst the better ones that I have seen. Rowoon was particularly good in that episode of Tomorrow. What set My Dearest apart was while they never looked away from the horrors, they did not sensationalise it and the respect with which our GC was treated was heartwarming and refreshing and entirely in-character for JH. One could feel her gain strength and bloom with that reassurance.
        It was really a very impactful scene and the fact that Namkoong Min chose this amongst the chock-full of powerful scenes in these 21 episodes says a lot.
        About the historical accuracy, your trust in the writer was indeed well-founded.👌


          Yeah, let’s party! I am offering you a kozunak and some sour cherry liquor from my neck of the woods to try out.

          But yes, she played us all, indeed. Well, almost all of us, @indyfan was right on point with RE reveal and the ending. Kudos to her! 👏👏👏
          You know already that I think she deserves an award, so yes, let’s give her that medal also. She is a trickster with a heart. As I was watching the final episode I couldn’t get a funny thought out of my mind, I kept thinking of her thoughts while writing the story and it went something like: You complained about my amnesia plot? Here, have another one!  Watch me make it work! 🤣
          The finale worked for me and from the twitter chatter it seems it had a positive response. It was a courageous decision, in my opinion, one that many would not take in kdramaland I supose. But she managed to sell it not only to the studio, to the PD and to the actors but also to the public. Can you imagine her selling pitch?  She showed her boldness again, but I already loved that about her. And she did make it work because it was not lazy writing, it was planed from the begining. It kind of prepared us with the fake amnesia first and then with the shorter funny amnesia in order to hit us with the real, hard one in order to make her point, her bet that even in this cruel times, love  can be so big that it trancends wars, dreams, time, sickness and even death. And how perfectly GC’s dream came back to give her hope that maybe, maybe he is alive and maybe, maybe he didn’t show up because he lost his memory again.
          I also think that she loved her characters so much that she couldn’t let go of them. She could have killed one or both of them and get an easy way out of the drama but she chose to make it memorable through love. I don’t know about you, but I think that the killing of one or both leads is lazy, overused and asking for a fake attachment for a drama. Sometimes it works if the writing is good but most of the times is just used to get attachment provoking pain. Whereas our writer chose attachment through love. She has a heart and I could feel her gentleness thorughout the drama. It came through when she gave a new life, the real life to the CP and in her portrayal, as you said, of the captives and their drama. How could she have killed them? It is, as you said, a story about survival but also their  relationship has been already tragic enough for so many years.
          I am rewatching it now, started the first episode and when the boys recite at the school “the father made your body, the mother nurtured it” (not an exact quote) made me think that almost all the fathers in the story killed or tried to kill their children ( CP, JH and GC). I wonder if she thought that the father gives you the body and he can take ot back also. Then they go and recite something like when you settle that’s when you find peace and hapiness (again, I do not remember exactly) and JH did settle, eventualy, in her  hometown because she was his


            Gosh. Such a tough few days but I finally caught up to almost everything. I’ve decided (for now) to skip MD finale recap. It’s just better for me.

            But it was fun chatting with you on this journey. We will meet again elsewhere on DB.


          hometown. How beautiful? That is why I love to watch kdrama, you find sensibility in this cinic world, gentleness in this cruel world, love in this hating world.