I’ve watched this clip of Byeon Woo seok and Kim Hye- yoon a million times and love their natural laughter. You can see that they just genuinely like and respect each other and that their set chemistry would have been off the charts. He was saying prior that he got super emotional acting across from her, then she gets embarrassed, is like, “no way!” and then he genuinely laughs at her response, and then she says that she’s never heard him say that and laughs even more in embarrassment, and then he gets embarrassed and has to fan himself. The host is just there saying what we’re all thinking—“Dang, I’m witnessing this chemistry firsthand and it’s amazing, and it’s like we shouldn’t really be watching this interaction. It’s way too pure.” And then loop a million times. It just brings a smile to my face. But it’s really just them laughing together, out of character, just their natural selves that I love. I love genuine laughter. Last episode of Lovely Runner today! I’m gong to miss these two on my Mondays and Tuesdays. https://x.com/notsoautumn/status/1795035003597758672?s=46&t=8Zstx_A-SKV5w0BkWrajqQ