There are reasons on why EXO hardly appear in variety shows.. Well, besides SM wants them to keep their mysterious image.
– Suho – always get bullied by the beagle line.. In the end he just gives up and accept all the craziness (or get crazy himself) LOL
– Xiumin – still not talking much, and keep being cute (intentionally or not).. Lately he likes to hit Baek coz the later sometimes just too extra 😂😂
– Chen – looks normal, but actually a troll. A subtle troll. His laugh is contagious..
– Baek – still can’t keep his mouth shut. LOL… He got to spill their secret somehow if no one stop him. So much for mysterious image..
– Chanyeol – sometimes he is normal but if Baek is present…. Then… What is normal??
– Kai – a child in sexy body… The dualism of Kai and Jongin..
– D.O – always looks amazed with his members’ extraness (and sometimes looks fed up with them). He maybe the most normal ones if he remembers how to blink when he stares.
– Sehun – looks cool and sexy… If he just stay quiet. But when he opened his mouth… well… 😅. He obviously a prankster and his fave target is Suho.

Still this is the most normal show that they’ve done… Nothing can top the crotch-grab interview and the almost-strip Baek from his clothes show..


    EXO to SM: ‘mysterious concept who?’
    ghash, I am loving them more because of this.
    If only SM give this up and let these boys play all they want (well maybe not ALL or else it’s over LOL) in a variety show. Perhaps formal interview would not turn into an adorable mess (we love mess)


      Agree.. Just give mysterious concept already.. It’s 2018 mysterious is so old news. Let them have fun, be themselves and maybe make sure they don’t spill any important stories then everything will be fine.. Variety shows need more EXO!!


    LOL your DO description cracked me up…if he only remembers to blink! These EXO aliens are not normal at all 😀 and we love them for it <3


      LOL.. Have you seen the fan video where he stared without blinking AT ALL for a long time?? It’s so funny and scary at the same time. I wonder if he actually slept with eyes open..